Five Easy Ways To Prevent Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is troublesome and embarrassing problem. If you are sufferer, you may even stop going out and end up doing very little physical exercise and become obese and your general health may deteriorate. Hence, do not ignore bladder control and prevent incontinence before it is too late. Act now, to prevent urinary incontinence. If you problem of incontinence is just beginning, without delay, you should follow preventive measures.

Maintain a healthy body weight:

The heavier (obese) you are the higher is the pressure on the bladder, hence the higher is the risk of incontinence. Hence, maintaining a healthy and normal BMI is a good way to prevent incontinence. To remain/maintain healthy weight, whatever you do (such as exercise, eating healthy foods containing fruits, vegetables and fibers) are good for bladder health too.

Be careful with medications:

Many medications (such as a diuretics, opoids and many other medications) can affect bladder, hence caution is required regarding medications. Do not forget to ask your doctor regarding effect of medication you have to take on bladder.

Be careful about what you drink:

Alcoholic drinks/beverages, tea, coffee, soda, whatever you drink that contain alcohol and caffeine can affect bladder by increasing its activity, which may lead to incontinence or leakage. Drink in moderation. Many people drink too much which affect bladder. If you drink too less, it may affect kidneys by producing concentrated urine and too little liquid may lead to constipation, which in turn put pressure on bladder during defecation and increase risk of incontinence. Hence, moderation is the key, when it comes to drinking and problem of urinary incontinence.

Kegel exercise:

This is not only for improving your sexual performance, but good for your bladder health too. Kegel exercise involve squeezing and relaxing the muscles of pelvic floor, voluntarily to improve the tone of these muscles. Men and women (young and old alike) should do Kegel exercise regularly for preventing urinary incontinence as well as for better performance in bed.

Quit smoking:

Well, this (urinary incontinence) is another reason to quit smoking. We all already know lot many reasons to quit smoking. Smoking can increase risk of bladder cancer, as well as act as irritant for bladder, which can lead to emptying of bladder untimely and involuntarily causing incontinence. Smoker commonly suffer from cough, which can increase pressure on bladder tremendously and lead to leakage of urine, even for normal individuals.

These five steps can help maintain good control over urinary bladder and prevent incontinence.

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