Five Don’ts In Constipation

Constipation is common health problem throughout the world. The prevalence of constipation is low in developing nations, but very high in developed countries. There is no easy way out of constipation, although if you understand constipation and how and why it is caused, it is not difficult to manage either. A clear understanding of constipation and following of your physician’s advice can be enough to manage constipation. It is important to know dos of constipation, as well as important to know what not to do in constipation or don’ts of constipation.

Here are the five important aspects you should avoid managing constipation:

  1. Don’t eat refined and processed foods. Because, processed and refined foods have very little dietary fiber in them. Eating too much refined and processed foods with provide you with very little dietary fiber, which will ultimately lead to constipation. Low fiber intake make stool hard, and makes it difficult to evacuate bowel, especially if you have irregular bowel habit as a result of low fiber intake or eating too much of refined and processed foods. Go for natural foods instead.
  2. Don’t get addicted to caffeine. Reduce your intake of tea, coffee and caffeinated beverages. Caffeine has stimulating effect on bowel and may improve bowel movement, but caffeine also have diuretic (cause excess urine production and urination) effect, which may lead to dehydration and lead to hard stool and difficulty in bowel clearance.
  3. Don’t drink excess alcohol. Like caffeine, alcohol also has good diuretic effect and lead to dehydration and constipation. Limit your alcohol intake to moderation (2 drinks a day), which is also good for your heart health.
  4. Don’t eat excess dairy products. Although dairy products do not have direct constipating effects, they can produce gas due to presence of lactose (which is difficult to digest by adults). Hence, it is better to avoid excess dairy products and take only daily-recommended amount of low fat yogurt and other low fat dairy products.
  5. Don’t drink too much animal protein. Animal foods (meat, poultry, fish etc.) contain very little fiber and you may not get daily recommended dietary fiber (approximately 35 grams a day) if you eat too much animal foods with high protein.

Read five dos in constipation in this article.


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