Five Common and Helpful Hangover Home Remedies

Five Common and Helpful Hangover Home Remedies

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Five Common and Helpful Hangover Home Remedies

If you had an extra drink during party or if you overindulge in drinks, you may get hangover the next day. There are some simple remedies for hangover, which you can easily use to feel better. Simple way to prevent hangover is to have alternating non-alcoholic drinks, which will keep you hydrated and also allow lesser alcohol ingestion. Sometime traditional hangover remedies may not work and you may end up worsening your hangover. Try the following simple hangover remedies:, Five Common and Helpful Hangover Home Remedies

Have oily breakfast:

There is no scientific evidence that greasy/oily food can cure hangover (in fact oily foods may worsen your heartburn, especially if you are regular sufferer of heartburn), but may individuals will swear by its effectiveness in curing hangover. Why not try your breakfast with eggs, bacon and other oily foods. In hangover, remaining hydrated is important.

Sleep over your hangover:

After drinking a lot of alcohol, sleep may be disturb. Although people tend to sleep after taking alcohol, it may wake you up when the effect slowly wears off. Less sleep can worsen hangover symptoms, hence you need to sleep well after alcoholic drinks, although sleep may not cure hangover. Unfortunately you may not have time to sleep the next day, because you may have to get ready for your office. However, if you have luxury of sleep the next day, no harm in sleeping the next day. This is the reason why people drink on Saturday night (so that they can sleep on Sunday, which is a holiday) and develop what is known as “Saturday night paralysis”.


After drinks, exercise can be a good idea. Exercise can make you feel better and reduce symptoms of hangover. However, you need to be cautious. Because, you may be dehydrated and make sure to get well hydrated before exercise. Also do not ignore your nutrition, which is also deficient due to excess drinking.

Water and other non-alcoholic sports drinks:

We do not clearly know what causes hangover. However, dehydration due to excess drinking may be one cause for hangover. Many other causes have been blamed, such as impurities found in alcohol. Hence, many experts advocate to drink plenty of water and other non-alcoholic drinks to prevent dehydration. Many people like to take tender coconut water, fresh fruit juice etc. for hangover remedy. Drinking a lot after taking alcohol may not cure hangover, but can at least reduce suffering due to hangover symptoms.

There are many different types of hangover remedies used by many people. Some people even take another drink to cure hangover, but this is certainly a disastrous idea. Because you are adding alcohol to your body again after suffering from it.

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