Exams Time: How to Train Your Brain

Exams Time: How to Train Your Brain

We know by now that we need to eat the right foods, need to work out, and do stuff that is healthy for us. Because maintaining good health does not happen by accident, it requires work and smart lifestyle choices. But sometimes when we wake up at 6 am to hit the gym before work or shunning the donuts in breakfast, it’s easy to lose sight of for what are we doing all these. So here are some top articles choices that can keep you motivated to lead a healthy lifestyle and keep diseases at bay.

Exams Time: How to Train Your Brain

We all know how it is hard to cram for exams: hundreds of terms, piles of books, tones of necessary materials that should be not only read, but remembered! Especially challenging tasks have those who choose medical professions. So if you are wondering right now how to become a dentist, or surgeon, or psychiatrist, think twice: education process won’t be a piece of cake for you.

But no worries, we can deal with that. Our brain, like muscles in our body, needs training. We can make it “stronger”, more capable and efficient by fulfilling some exercises. Believe me, regular training will show great results and you will feel that your brain is able to perceive and analyze more information.

There are several components needed for successful studying: attention, memory, speed of thinking. All these things can be trained, and therefore, improved. Here are some exercises.

Training Your Memory

There are almost no people with bad memory, there are only those who cannot or don’t want to use it. So if you are not too lazy for several easy game-like exercises, your memory will become better with time.

Memorizing. Don’t cram. Any information should be comprehended, analyzed, structured. Single out the most important details, underline or write them out (this way you will better memorize them).

Associations. The easiest way to remember information is to associate it with something. For instance, you can memorize words in pairs: recollecting one word you will automatically think of its pair. Or build up word chains in your memory, connected by associations: going over the chain, you will recollect all its elements.

Mental Arithmetic. Forget about addition on your phone or calculator, use your brain. Mental arithmetic is perfect training for your brain, it develops and improves your memory.

Mnemonics. Use your imagination to remember something. For instance, to remember numbers, imagine them like objects: 8 – glasses, 11 – drum sticks, etc.

Training Attention

Awareness of Yourself. Very often, when doing something important, we are traveling to the past, or to the future in our thoughts. During such periods we not only forget things, we can stumble, or even can be run over by a car. Learn to be here and now. Feel yourself and your whole body, set an aim to be here at this particular moment. For a start, pick out several moments during your day to train concentration. Going out from home – take a minute, aware yourself, examine your feelings, recollect your plans. Repeat such break before entering your workplace, on a lunch, etc., several times a day. This way you won’t let your thoughts “fly away”.

Mental Photographing. Take a picture, look at it for 5 minutes, try to remember as many details as you can. Then, close your eyes and reconstruct the picture in your brain, examine the details. Mentally “dissolve” the picture, removing details one after another. With time, you can take more difficult pictures, studying them for a shorter period.

Games. Looking for numbers scrambled into pictures, passing labyrinths, jigsaw puzzles, playing chess – all these games train and develop your attention.

Concentration on Trifles. Do you know how many stairs lead to your doors, or what color are your neighbor’s eyes? Try to focus on some small details that you come across your way home or to the office. It’s better to do such exercise with your friend, then you can ask interesting questions and check the attention to details.

Training Speed of Thinking

Many of us, recollecting yesterday’s discussion, think of perfect answers and arguments that could be used and wonder why they didn’t come to our mind. Well, it can be corrected.

Collecting. Collect in your memory various behavior patterns, quotes, multiple interesting answers and decisions. Most situations have some algorithm, and the more options you have in your mind, the quicker will be your reaction.

Practice. You can practice your reaction playing with your friend: catch an unexpectedly thrown object; put a finger on your friend’s palm and try to jerk it away before he/she clenches the fist. Actually, there is a big number of such games we used to play in childhood.

Self-Perfection. We cannot underestimate this point. The more you learn, the more people you come to know, the more situations you not only face, but also analyze – the better, faster, and more effectively works your brain. Develop observation, use all your sense organs, concentrate your attention on details – and your knowledge of life will increase, you will easily deal with situations that were difficult for you not so long ago.

About the author : Luca Bonatelli is a dentist. He writes different useful articles about food and health. Also he can give good advice how to become a dentist.


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    Training the brain should be a part of our daily routine. brain exercises have been proven to improving the brain. This was a good post with the right information. I like the training attention. More and more of our kids are growing up with short attention spans and if we can add brain training exercises to our daily routine then we will automatically teach our children, improving their attention span.

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