Ensuring Dental Care for Children Growing Up In Adelaide

Ensuring Dental Care for Children Growing Up In Adelaide

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Ensuring Dental Care for Children Growing Up In Adelaide

Children today are exposed to a lot many attractions than those probably even a generation before them. They are the kids following the instant gratification generation and have learnt the same too. And for their instant gratification and pacifying mind there are a host of goodies being churned out by the FMCG market on almost daily basis. In fact, Adelaide is renowned for its eat-streets and the restaurants and cafes. In general too, there are a variety of candies, chocolates, lollipops, chewing gums, chips, confectioneries, and a host of junk food varieties available for kids. All of these might make the kids happy at that moment, but have long term negative effects on oral health and overall general health too., Ensuring Dental Care for Children Growing Up In Adelaide

Oral health for babies, toddlers and kids is often neglected (owing to lack of correct information) and then the repercussions are seen too soon and too often. So, let’s get some facts cleared.

Infants and teething

Most babies start showing first signs of teething, where the tooth erupts from the gums at around 6 months. These teeth are known as the primary teeth and in all twenty primary teeth erupt and appear by the time the child is 3 years old. Children tend to lose their primary teeth around the age of 6 years going up to 11 years. Post this, permanent teeth start to erupt and grow in place of the primary ones. This happens after the age of 6 years and the last permanent teeth have been found to erupt anywhere between the age group of 12 years to 21 years.

Basic dental care tips for kids

  • Visiting a doctor

There are a number of childrens dentist Adelaide offers, but often parents are not sure when to start taking their young ones to them. It is usually recommended by experts to visit the dentist when the children are 12 months old or within 6 months from appearance of the first tooth. The dentist will examine the gums and possible eruptions of the teeth. The dentist might even carry out a dental check of the mother and inquire about the history of her dental health as it help predict the oral and dental health of the child. Post the first visit dental check-ups must be scheduled every 6 months for the babies.

  • Tips to care for teeth at home

Apart from visiting a dentist, certain care is mandatory for dental care of infants and children. These include:

  • Clean the gums of babies even before the appearance of teeth on daily basis using a soft cloth. Use a soft brush twice daily after the teeth appear. Toothpaste to be used later as per dentist’s advice.
  • Maintain healthy habits and hygiene while sharing spoons with babies or even when kissing them.
  • Ensure never to let babies go to bed directly after drinking milk, juice or any sugar-loaded liquid since it can lead to decay and cavities early on in the child.
  • Provide nutritious meals containing fruits, grains and vegetables and avoid sugary and processed foods.
  • Keep kids away from cigarette and tobacco smoke.
  • Brush in front of the kids to teach them to brush on their own (after around 3 years) using the correct angle.
  • Flossing the teeth is also important and flossing tools are available to help with it.
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