EMR for Medical Profession

The use of computers and information technology in every field of our life including medical setup is increasing rapidly. The use of computers and information technology in medical field, such as electronic medical billing and EMR (electronic medical records) are some of the fields of medicine which are extensively used. EMR system software has come as a boon to many large medical institutes, as well as smaller institutes and clinics of doctors.

EMR has revolutionized the medical record keeping and the medical records can be easily and safely stored and used, using the EMR or electronic medical records system software. The security, error free record keeping and versatility of use of electronic medical records software has made it very popular among hospitals and other health care service providing institutes.

If anyone is planning to install and use EMR software system, it is important to see the cost effectiveness or ROI or return on investment. If the return on investment is not appropriate it may not be practicable for smaller institutes or private clinics by doctors, although there are several different software systems with different costs.

The EMR has many disadvantages too, as it has many advantages. As it is an electronics software, it is vulnerable to a threat from the hackers, computer viruses or technical malfunction or physical damage. So, if anyone install electronic medical records software system they should always properly protect the system from hackers and computer viruses with appropriate security arrangements. It is also important to have backup, in case the records are destroyed by viruses or damaged by hackers.

Another great disadvantage of electronic medical records software system is the problem of privacy of the patients, which can create a huge legal problem too. The privacy of the patient should always be protected at any cost and to protect the privacy and avoid legal problem the patients should always be offered the option of not using the electronic medical records software system. There may be theft of confidential records of patients which should be properly protected by the concerned user of electronic medical records software system.

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