Eight Reasons Why You Should Wax, Instead of Shaving

Eight Reasons Why You Should Wax, Instead of Shaving

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Eight Reasons Why You Should Wax, Instead of Shaving

Shaving involves use of sharp razors or blades. And if you are using sharp razor blades, it is not uncommon to get minor cuts or injuries. Any cut or injury is not desirable, how minor or small the cut/injury may be. Minor cuts can also be serious when it occurs in certain areas such as neck, groin, over joints (because of frequent stretching of skin during folding of a joint, such as elbow joint or know joint), underarm etc. There is also risk of infection if there is injury to skin, may be minor., Eight Reasons Why You Should Wax, Instead of Shaving

Why you should wax, instead of shaving: reason number one

Waxing pulls out hair by the root, which makes regrowth of hair longer and allow you to have hair free skin for a fortnight. So you can wax only twice a month instead of shaving daily, which may become troublesome and irritating and time consuming.

Why you should wax, instead of shaving: reason number two

Shaving may be problematic, if your skin is not smooth, especially if you have moles, skin tags, scar marks, keloids etc. over your skin where you need to shave. With waxing this is not a problem, as it involves putting hot wax over the skin and pulling it off after sometime. There is no risk of injury to moles, skin tags, scar marks, keloids etc.

Reason number three

Because waxing pulls out hairs by the root, the hairs that regrows after waxing are generally thinner and lighter, in compare to hairs that regrow after shaving. If you continue waxing for long duration, it is possible to have skin with barely noticeable hairs in it. The frequency of waxing can also be reduced. If you shave, the hairs that regrows loot thicker, because of the blunt ends of hairs after shaving. In case of waxing the effect is opposite. Over years it may be possible to reach a stage when you no more need waxing, although it may take many years and not everybody can reach that stage.

Reason number four

Waxing may be slightly painful at the beginning, when you start the procedure. But, if you continue doing waxing for a few times, the pain sensation is gradually reduced over time. Later on one hardly feels any pain, once someone get used to waxing.

Reason number five

Shaving may be troublesome when you try to shave on areas where you may not get a clear vision or the place may not be suitable for shaving. Hence, shaving at times may be difficult.

Reason number six

If you have sensitive skin, waxing may be less troublesome than shaving. There are various hypo-allergenic waxes available in the market and you can select a suitable wax for you. You can also get pre-coated wax cloths, which you can use directly without adding wax, because it is already added.

Reason number seven

If you shave, it is possible to have in-grown hairs, because when you shave it cuts the hair at skin level or just below skin level. In-grown hairs occur when the hairs are cut just below skin level during shaving, which are trapped during regrowth. In-grown hairs may lead to infection and may be painful. If you wax, this is usually not a problem, because the hairs are pulled from the root and the hairs are thinner, when regrown and have less risk of in-grown hair.

Reason number eight

Many waxing products now come with moisturizers. This is good way of moisturizing your skin, especially if you have dry skin type.

Hence, waxing is a good alternative hair removal procedure. Think twice about waxing, especially if you have some problems associated with shaving.

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