Earwax Blockage Symptoms and Causes

What is earwax and why it is produced?

Earwax is wax like material produced in the middle ear. Ear is divided into three parts the outermost part that is commonly known as “ear” is external ear, the tube/canal that connects external ear to inside and tympanic membrane (eardrum) combine called middle ear and the part inside tympanic membrane is inner ear (this is the actual ear that is responsible for hearing). Earwax in produced in the middle ear and it is a defense mechanism. Its function is to lubricates, clean thereby protecting the ear from dirt (along with the hairs present in the skin of ear canal) and to prevent/slow down growth of bacteria in the middle ear. However, this simple defense mechanism can lead to problem and you need to consult your doctor to remove earwax safely.

What are the symptoms of earwax blockage?

Blockage of ear canal by earwax may give rise to following symptoms:

  • Earache
  • Ability to hear normally may be reduced in the affected ear
  • Noise or ringing in the affected ear known as tinnitus.
  • You may feel fullness in the ear blocked by earwax.
  • There may be itching in the affected ear
  • Sometimes there may be cough
  • Dizziness

When should you consult your doctor for earwax removal?

  • If you have any of the above mentioned symptoms due to earwax, you should consult your doctor. Remember, earwax is best removed by a doctor. Eardrums are delicate and need careful and expert handling, otherwise there is high risk of damage (even perforation or tearing of eardrum) if you handle on your own.
  • If you suffer from symptoms of earwax, there is no reason to think that they can only be due to earwax. These symptoms may be due to other ear problem. Hence it is best to consult a doctor, instead of trying to deal with earwax on your own.
  • Children should be checked regularly by doctor for earwax and other ear problems.

What may cause earwax blockage?

Earwax is produced by glands present in the skin in the outer half of the ear canal. Commonly earwax makes its way to outer ear from where it is washed away or fall of as new wax is produced. However, if you produce excess wax, and it is not cleaned, there is risk of wax accumulation in the ear canal and risk of earwax blockage. Earwax may also block the ear canal among individuals who have habit of trying to clean earwax by using cotton swab or other items. This generally do not clean the earwax, but it pushes it further inside and lead to earwax blockage.

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