Drink More Water and Stay Healthy

Wise men say “water is life” and this is true, because water is the basis of life and there is presence of water in every living being. Without water, life is not possible in this planet. Other than being the basis of life, water serves various other important functions of the human physiology. Water is essential for vital functions and vital chemical reactions taking place inside human body. Water is not curative for any disease or ailment, but water can solve your various day-to-day and annoying health problems.

Drink water and boost metabolism:

Water can boost your metabolism and help prevent problems of indigestion and various other digestive problems. Drinking water can increase metabolic rate by up to 30% and increase burning of fats among healthy individuals, which can aid to maintain a healthy body weight. The metabolic boost occurs within 10 minutes of drinking water and peak at 30 minutes. Hence, drink water from time to time and maintain your healthy body weight.

Drink water and boost your brainpower:

Brain needs more oxygen in compare to other organs. Drinking water can help your brain get adequate oxygen it needs. Even minor dehydration can reduce your cognitive function by 30% and reduce your performance. Drink water for better performance in every field.

Drink water and prevent headache:

Drinking water can help prevent headache, including migraine headache. In one study, it was found that drinking 1.5 liters of water in addition to normal intake of water could reduce migraine.

Drink water and remain alert:

Drinking water can keep you alert throughout the day, because dehydration is the most common cause of daytime fatigue. If you feel like taking a nap in the afternoon, just take a glass of water or two and remain alert in your office. Day time fatigue can reduce your ability to concentrate affect your performance at your job. Use water to help you advancement of your job.

Water can reduce incidence of kidney stones:

Drinking adequate water regularly can reduce formation of stones in kidneys and urinary tract, including urinary bladder. Drinking plenty of water washes away the pigments and different crystals that may cause stone formation. Drink plenty of water and void urine regularly to reduce risk of bladder stones.

Drink water to reduce food intake:

Drinking a glass of water or two before meal can fill your stomach and reduce your food (calorie) intake naturally. Dehydration can reduce your metabolic power and reduce energy expenditure. Drink water to reverse it.

Drinking water can save money (if it can not make you rich) for you. Many people in US and other developed countries buy water for drinking. Instead of buying drinking water, buy a filter instead and use plain tap water for drinking and save money. Replace your soda can with plain water during meal and save money. Soda serves no extra purpose in compare to water, why consume it during meal instead of water.

These are only few reasons why you should drink adequate quantity of water. There are several other important reasons of drinking more water.

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