Differences Between Daily Disposable And Monthly Use Contact Lenses

The basic difference when comparing a daily disposable lens and one that is worn for a month, is always going to be the duration the lens lasts for and is worn for. It is pretty straightforward and you would be right in assuming that the daily disposable lenses are only used for a day, whereas the monthly ones are used over the period of a month. The daily disposable lenses have the benefit of not needing to be cleaned, unlike their monthly counterparts. This can ease the mind of the wearer as it reduces the risk of possible infection or contamination of the lens.

However, there are not just positives associated with the daily use contact lenses. If you use them on a frequent basis, then you will be paying a lot more than if you purchase monthly use lenses, and that is including all the cleaning solution you will be required to buy for the monthly lenses.

The life span of the lens is another issue that needs to be considered. Daily disposables ones are exactly that, only recommended to be used once, before being discarded. Otherwise, the risk for damage or infection will be very high. The monthly use lenses are always produced and manufactured to last a lot longer than the single use lens and, whilst you can clean both and wear the single use more than once, it is never recommended. Besides the risk of infection, there is also the possibility that the single use lens will become misshaped or warped if you use them for more than a single period. This will both blur vision and irritate the eye, making them hard to remove.

Fundamentally both lenses work in the same way, it is simply the longevity of the lens that changes, and then the amount you will spend due to this. For infrequent users, daily disposable lenses are more than likely to be the preferred option, but for constant wearers, a more economically sound option will be that of the monthly use.

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