Diet and Exercise to Slow Down Breast Growth

Regardless of your age or gender, large breasts may cause many problems such as back and neck pain, and skin irritation. These issues are often underappreciated. Below, we list remedies and options for improving your quality of life.

Implications of Large Breasts

There are a number of difficulties women with large breasts experience, these include:

  • Back and neck pains – The extra weight on the chest tends to pull the upper body. Mainly, the neck and shoulders forward that results in pain along the spine from the neck to the lower back and across the shoulders.
  • Chafing – The tendency of large breasts to hang towards the abdomen causes the skin to rub against skin, which results in chafing. In areas where skin-to-skin contact is excessive, heat and moisture lead to skin irritation.
  • Weight Gain – The additional weight on the chest only allows a patient to engage with a limited type of activities. As any form of activity can become strenuous with large breasts. Some women feel embarrassed when running. These women tend to work out less, which leads to weight gain.
  • Posture problems – The excess weight makes standing up straight more difficult. It can trigger spinal problems, such as a slipped disc. Posture problems lead to lifelong lower back pain and nerve problems.
  • Low confidence – Shaming is something that affects women with large breasts. These women are vulnerable, and often experience various forms of sexual harassment.

Traditional Breast Size Reduction Methods

Your breasts are a combination of breast gland cells and fat cells. While breast size is strongly linked to family genetics, the female hormone estrogen influences its individuals. Hormonal imbalance, i.e., too much estrogen or too little progesterone can lead to overstimulation of the breast tissues.

Several conditions can lead to hormonal imbalance: estrogen-containing medications, obesity, aging, chronic stress, hypothyroidism, liver disease, etc. Reducing stress levels while leading a healthy lifestyle of exercise and proper nutrition is the first step in achieving hormonal balance.

Exercises to Improve Breast Size

Lowering total body fat will lead to a decrease in breast size. The following form of exercises can aid in your weight goals:

  • Cardio Exercises – Stationary bikes and elliptical trainers are low-impact cardio workouts. These activities are gentler on the body and joints while leading to good results. Your goal should be a heart rate of 60%-70% of your maximum heart rate (maximum heart rate is 220 – your age). Sustain this heart rate for 30 minutes, three times a week. Consider starting with five minutes, three times a week, and add five minutes to each session every week. If you have access to a lap pool, swimming is also an excellent, low-impact cardio exercise. Changing your routine, while maintaining your heart rate and duration goals will lead to consistent
  • Strength training exercises – Push-ups, wall press, and dumbbell exercises such as the back pullover and front raises can tone and shape your chest muscles, leading to a reduction in breast size. Strengthening your muscles will also lead to a higher metabolism, allowing your body to burn more calories in between exercise days.

Foods That Can Help Reduce Breast Size

Your diet also affects the size of your breasts. Reducing calorie intake will lead to a decrease in overall body fat, and less fat in breast tissue.

I advise my patients to avoid processed food and drinks with high sugar content (e.g. sodas). Instead, build your diet around lean meats, fish, and vegetables. A diet high in fiber is also thought to decrease excess estrogen, improving metabolism.

Consider including the following foods in your daily diet. They may help correct any hormonal imbalance and aid in achieving your goals for weight loss:

  • Ginger can be found in some recipes. However, the simplest way to include it in your diet is by preparing it as a tea. Drinking ginger tea three times a day can increase fat metabolism as well as improve digestion. In addition, green tea has catechins, which encourages the body to burn fat efficiently.
  • Citrus fruits such as lemons and limes contain d-limonene that helps process excess estrogen in the body. Since estrogen controls body fat distribution, its excess can affect where fat will be stored in the body. Achieving normal levels of estrogen will help achieve a decrease in body fat.
  • Calcium-rich foods like legumes (black beans, lentils, and white beans) and stone fruits (peaches, plums, and cherries) are abundant with calcium D-glucarate. It is a known to curtail estrogen’s effect on breast tissues.

Breast Reduction, an Alternative to Traditional Methods

In addition to lifestyle changes that include proper diet and regular exercise, women have the option of breast reduction surgery as an effective alternative. As an aesthetic procedure, it relieves women who are experiencing discomfort with their breast size and shape.

Breast reduction surgery is also an appropriate solution for women who have the signs and symptoms of a medical condition known as breast hypertrophy.

Patients with breast hypertrophy have experienced the negative physical, social, and emotional effects of large breasts for many years. They often seek surgical treatment after failing to improve under traditional medical therapies.

Talk to a Healthcare Professional

Talk to your doctor about your health, including dieting and exercise. They will be able to help you with weight loss and treatment options for the symptoms caused by large breasts. When medical options are exhausted, ask for a referral for surgical consultation. It is in your best interest to have your conditions assessed before subjecting yourself to any techniques to reduce your breast size. Your breasts are not just a symbol of your femininity, but it also serves a purpose when nursing your child, making it more necessary to take care of them.

Board-certified plastic surgeons will make the correct assessments, provide the full spectrum of options, and ensure safe treatments for breast hypertrophy.  Through the combination of realistic expectations and the right attitude, your desired outcome is absolutely achievable with results that can last a lifetime.

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