Diagnosis of Hemorrhoids

Diagnosis of Hemorrhoids

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Diagnosis of Hemorrhoids

Diagnosis of hemorrhoids is not very difficult. The symptoms suggest the diagnosis in many patients. The external hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids with prolapse (permanent in case of grade-IV prolapse and in grade –II and III the history is typical) can be diagnosed by examining the areas surrounding anus. Internal hemorrhoids usually need rectal examination and a careful history taking for diagnosis. Rectal examination may be painful and need sedation for proper examination. Rectal examination can also detect tumors, polyps, abscess, or enlarged prostate gland. To confirm diagnosis of internal hemorrhoids, visualization of rectum with endoscope (sigmoidoscopy) may be required in most of the cases.

Many other ano-rectal problems may have similar symptoms as that of hemorrhoids and need to be differentiated for appropriate management; these include tumors (including colorectal cancer), polyps, abscess, enlarged prostate gland, diverticulosis, fissure, fistula etc. The use of sigmoidoscopy can be of great help for differentiating these similar conditions from each other.

In the diagnosis of internal hemorrhoids there is requirement of examining by direct visualization and many different instruments are used for direct visualization of different parts/organs. Proctoscope is used for visualization of rectum, sigmoidoscope is used for visualization of sigmoid colon and to visualize entire colon, a colonoscope is used. All these instruments are very useful in diagnosis of hemorrhoids and also to rule out other causes of rectal bleeding.

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