Diagnosis and Treatment of Kidney Cyst

Majority of kidney cysts are solitary, occur on the surface of one kidney, and in most cases do not produce any symptoms, as it do not cause any problem to the functioning of kidneys. This is also the reason that most of the time, kidney cysts are diagnosed during imaging done for some other cause.

The diagnosis of kidney cyst is mainly done by imaging, i.e. ultrasound and CT scan or MRI scan.

  • Imaging for diagnosis of kidney cysts: kidney cysts can be easily diagnosed using imaging techniques, such as ultrasound, CT scan or MRI. Ultrasound is preferred by many, because it is comparatively less expensive to CT scan and MRI. Imaging (especially CT scan and MRI) can help your doctor in determining if your mass in kidney is a tumor or a simple kidney cyst. The correct diagnosis help in determining the treatment modality too, e.g. if it is simple solitary kidney cyst, then no treatment is required if there is no symptoms associated with it.
  • Kidney function test help in determining if your kidneys are affected by the cyst or not. Blood test can determine if your kidneys are functioning well or not and if there is any need of treatment.

Treatment of kidney cyst:

If your kidney cyst is not producing any symptoms, there is no affect in kidney function, and if the cyst is solitary, then in most cases, no treatment is required. In such situation, your doctor may suggest periodic imaging (e.g. ultrasound examination) to see if the cyst enlarges. If there is any symptom or change in size, your doctor may recommend treatment for kidney cyst. Treatment options include,

  • Surgery: to remove cyst, your doctor may recommend surgery, if the cyst is causing any problem or affecting kidney function. Sometimes surgery is performed to drain the contents of the cyst. In most cases it is possible to remove the cyst without any damage to the kidney, because the cyst is usually located on the surface of the kidney.
  • On rare occasions, your doctor may recommend removal of fluid from kidney cyst by inserting a long needle and to fill the cyst with alcohol after removing the fluid to prevent the cyst from forming again.

There is no medical management available for treatment of kidney cyst.


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