Detailed explanation of impotence and its treatment

Detailed explanation of impotence and its treatment

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Detailed explanation of impotence and its treatment

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is the inability to achieve and sustain an erection adequate enough for gratifying sex between a man and his partner. The failure to get or maintain an erection occasionally is considered quite normal. However, when this inability becomes persistent then you need to consult a doctor. ED has also the potential to cause marked distress and strain in your marital relationship. Impotence is either a lifetime or newly acquired condition and may be confined to a specific situation.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Psychological causes – A majority of erectile dysfunction cases in men can be attributed to psychological causes, such as anxiety, fear, sexual boredom, conflict with partner, exhaustion, stress or unresolved sexual orientation. The psychologically induced erectile dysfunction is mostly short term.

Physical causes – Recurrent episodes of erectile dysfunction are due to conditions such as diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, being overweight, kidney failure, smoking, alcoholism, cardiovascular and peripheral vascular disorders, neurological disorders or as a side effect of certain medications (antidepressants).

Psychologically induced impotence is diagnosed more in young men. They would be able to achieve morning and nocturnal erections, and also while masturbating. In this case, the erectile difficulties are usually due to problems arising with partner or sudden stress. Physical causes arise gradually with decrease in morning and nocturnal erections. In addition, you also start having difficulties in achieving an erection while masturbating.

Treatments for erectile dysfunction

  • Sex education and Kegel exercises can help you to teach techniques and other relaxation therapies which can be performed along with your partner to achieve a firm erection.
  • Bringing some lifestyle changes such as cutting down on alcohol and smoking and indulging in exercise have given good results amongst men who were suffering from psychologically induced erectile dysfunction.
  • Medical professionals may also advise use of a vacuum pump in order to help you attain a strong and long lasting erection.

If the above mentioned methods do not seem suitable for you, opt for prescription oral medications to treat this condition. Viagra has always been the most preferred choice for over a decade now. However, older men also have the option of a low dosage medication in the form of prescription Levitra (Vardenafil) tablets. This medication gets to work in just 15 minutes, which is quite fast as compared to other impotence treatments. The effect of Levitra lasts for up to five hours.

Levitra is a perfect option for men who have other underlying health conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. It is effective even when used along with most of the blood pressure medications. The consumption of food does not affect its working and it can be taken even after having food, unlike other ED medications. You are required to take one tablet of Levitra with water at least 15 to 60 minutes prior to sex. It can be taken even on an empty stomach.

When taken as suggested by doctor, the possibility of side effects is very rare. However, if it occurs it is generally mild and short-lived. The most common side effects are headaches, nausea, facial flushing, stuffy or runny nose, muscle ache, upset stomach and dizziness. These side effects mostly disappear within a couple of days as soon your body gets accustomed to the ingredients of the medication. If these side effects become serious, speak to a doctor as soon as possible for more suitable impotence treatment.

If you are at present suffering from severe chest pain, liver problems, eye problems or end-stage kidney disease then this treatment may cause severe complications. People who are taking nitrates, nitro-glycerine or certain types of antiarrhythmics are advised not to take this medication.


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