Dawn of Ergonomic Office Furniture: Support Your Spine Without Sacrificing Design

ergonomicsNagging back pain has comfortably nested within the lives of the modern women and men and has become an all too familiar experience of today’s world. Some associate back pain with sleep: an uncomfortable mattress, a poor quality bed, etc. However, the culprit is an obvious one. The majority of us spend eight hours a day in front of a desk. We shouldn’t underestimate how much this affects our overall health, especially our posture, and how it can lead to musculoskeletal disorders. It’s time that we switched our focus from mattresses and stopped ignoring the long hours spent in uncomfortable office chairs. Employers especially should value the health of their employees and consider investing in ergonomic chairs.

The rising demand for employees to engage with computers more than actual humans has placed a new challenge upon our health systems – we are forced to seek ways to target musculoskeletal disorders at their core, before they reach a point when nothing could be done to restore our bodies’ previous state. Prevention is better than cure – that is for sure.

The main reason why ordinary office furniture cannot properly support our bodies is because the designs don’t follow our bodies’ natural lines. If you take a close look at the human body, you will inevitably notice that our backs are in fact slightly curved inward, whereas the chairs we are chained to for eight hours are not. This is the main reason why the spine often has to mutate its shape and prolonged stress on the spine can lead to serious back problems.

Ergonomic chairs and desks are revolutionary office furniture that bring together futuristic design and spine-friendly support that automatically adjusts to the position of the seated person. There is no better way to provide comfort and maintain the natural balance of the body. In contrast to rigidly vertical chairs and static desks, ergonomic office furniture provides the opportunity to endure more pressure with greater strength, meaning – to work more efficiently with fewer breaks away from the computer.

ergonomicWhen the human body is properly aligned, blood tends to circulate properly. The lack of movement can cause freezing hands even if the office has lukewarm temperature. Better circulation in turn promotes better brain function and confirms the idea that productivity depends on our bodies as a whole. Everything we experience on that chair affects every fiber of our being and that adds up to the final outcome for that working day and for the posture we hope to maintain in the years to come.

Apart from addressing the curve in the lower back area, ergonomic chairs include an adjustable headrest and armrest that allow complete relaxation to occur during work hours, which in turn erases the dividing line between work and comfort. In addition, in order to truly improve an office worker’s comfort levels, the office desk should also be given full consideration. We are all different when it comes to height. Therefore ergonomic desks come with the option to adjust height according to the individual needs of the user and their task requirements.

Beyond health benefits, ergonomic furniture is aesthetically appealing in a work space. It should go without saying that these ergonomic solutions should be viewed as a necessity, rather than luxury. All employers in this day and age should consider the health and wellbeing of their employees and acknowledge the havoc bad posture can wreak. It is the best way to show interest in the optimal health of the office workers that often put their comfort on the line so that progress does not fall behind.

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