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Taking care of your loved ones is a blessing; however, sometimes it turns out to be a struggle to manage things on your own. Working a 9 to 5 job and doing household chores is a handful to manage, and it can squeeze out the last ounce of energy left in you. You do have the option of hiring outside help to keep watch over aging parents and kids, but when it comes to trusting them, it’s a whole different ballgame.

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Evercare caregivers are just a call away if you have done your homework. They offer the most reliable care at an affordable price. Depending on your schedule, you can have a personally interviewed, insured, and licensed nurse to assist you with your daily activities. You can choose services that could be last for a few hours or 24/7 – whatever is your need, you’re covered from start to finish.

Exceptional Care Available Anytime, Anywhere

If you thought the services are limited to just caring for the elderly, there’s a lot more you need to unravel regarding the true expanse of this organization. Let’s walk you through the areas where this organization surpasses others in more ways than one:

  1. Companion Care

Nobody wants to feel lonely or isolated, and that’s where you can count on the organization to piece the puzzle. Dedicated caregivers will provide them with supportive conversation; share a hobby; assist with outdoor activities and light exercises; engage in recreational activities using cognitive stimulation and games; and even monitor the home if required.

  1. Respite Care

This can be a temporary situation and will last only as long as you need an Evercare caregiver’s assistance. There are times when you need a break from the daily grind and our qualified team can give you that. Taking care of loved ones relentlessly can take a toll on your mind and body, and you don’t want to get to that point. Before you crack, it’s time to reach out for professional assistance. Feeding, bathing, dressing, oral and personal hygiene, safety and fall prevention – you can look forward to all of this and much more.

  1. Post Hospitalization Care

Recovering after a serious illness takes time and patience. It’s imperative to make sure the hospital discharge process is smooth-sailing. With licensed and insured professionals by your side, the transition is going to be seamless process for your loved ones. Here are few to-dos you can expect from seasoned caregivers:

  • Physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy
  • Transportation facilities to personal events and doctor’s appointments
  • Status updates to the hospital and family
  • Personalized care plan
  • Medication reminders

Dementia Care

Taking care of dementia patients calls for expertise and proficiency, and Evercare does absolute justice to both of those terms. It is a staunch supporter of the Alzheimer’s Association and Dementia Friends Hong Kong; and understands that familiarity and comfort are crucial factors to people suffering from dementia.

Caregivers create the perfect plan to make sure your loved one is cared for by:

  • Creating a safe environment which might include making slight modifications around the house
  • Creating a plan for physical activity
  • Memory games and recreational activities for cognitive stimulation

Cancer Care

Treating cancer using chemotherapy and radiotherapy can eat into your daily activities or interrupt social interactions. Whether it’s recovering at home or in a hospital, professional caregivers can make all the difference. You can expect all of these without feeling helpless:

  • Personal care
  • Companion care
  • Skilled nursing care
  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational therapy

Stroke Care

Recovering from a stroke comes with its ups and downs, like physical, behavioral, and emotional changes that can be frustrating to handle. Nursing your loved one at home is a great option to help maintain positivity and familiarity. You can look forward to everything from skilled nursing care to occupational therapy from the comfort of your home.

Making a Colossal Difference

Caring for your loved ones should be the easiest task, right? Wrong. It’s not as easy as it sounds; sometimes, you need an extra pair of hands to help you help your loved ones. They can be the elderly or they could be your kids – Evercare is renowned for their expert caregiving services that surpass age – they can care for your kids as well as your grandparents with grace and compassion. If you’re finding it hard to toggle between work, home, and caring for your family members, there’s no shame in reaching out for professional help. Act now, and reap the benefits as you work with our trusted caregivers and watch your loved ones bounce back to health.

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