Compared Dangers of Marijuana vs. Alcohol

Compared Dangers of Marijuana vs. Alcohol

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Compared Dangers of Marijuana vs. Alcohol

Breaking Down The Myths About Marijuana

It is amazing to compare the dangers of an illegal substance with a legal substance and find out that the legal one causes more death and harm than the former ever could. The mentality in America has been warped by generations of misunderstandings about the effects of marijuana and alcohol. We have been raised to think that marijuana is more dangerous than alcohol, even when the facts are so obviously to the contrary. With that being said, marijuana is still a dangerous substance and should never be considered an alternative to anything, especially alcoholism. Marijuana may not cause as much harm as alcohol, but it still has a negative effect on the body.

The Physical Effects Of Alcohol And Marijuana

Medical marijuana has been a topic of debate for many years, but is it really beneficial? Using marijuana causes damage to the bronchial passage that can weaken the immune system and lead to illness. A substance that damages the immune system should hardly be considered a medical option. On top of that, alcohol damages brain cells on a regular basis. Every night of drinking causes harm to the white matter in your brain. Alcohol impairs judgment, which may lead to dangerous decision-making that can turn fatal quickly.

Alcohol And Marijuana Can Lead To Death

Studies prove time and again how dangerous alcohol actually is. Alcohol is so toxic that using ten times the normal amount could lead to death. There has never been a single case of death by marijuana ever recorded, but that does not mean that marijuana is good for you. Marijuana can lead to respiratory illnesses and even lung cancer. Such diseases can be, and often are, fatal to the victim.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease, over 35,000 people die every year due to alcohol. That is in the United States alone. These results have not affected the nations mentality about the legality of alcohol. Alcohol continues to be sold and used regularly and in great numbers.

The Possibility Of Addiction And Injury

One myth about marijuana that has been losing strength recently is that it is addictive. Marijuana has no physical withdrawal effects whatsoever, whereas alcohol can cause physical pain when removed from the diet of the alcoholic. Though marijuana is not physically addictive, there are many cases of users claiming that a mental addiction can develop. The problem of alcoholism only worsens as time goes on. A dependence is built within the alcoholic as well as a tolerance. The longer a person drinks, the more they require to reach the desired level of intoxication. This only increases the dangers of withdrawal. When a person with a severe case of alcoholism attempts to quit cold turkey they may even die.

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