Common Child Injuries and Ways to Prevent Them

Common Child Injuries and Ways to Prevent Them

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Common Child Injuries and Ways to Prevent Them

Children are prone to various injuries during playing or even during sleeping. Hence, it is important to give adequate thought for safety of your children. Some injuries (such as injury during riding bi-cycle, during playing, in school bus and in school) are quite common during childhood and need to prevent them effectively.

  • Bicycle injuries: getting injured during riding their favorite bicycle is very common. It is most likely not possible to find a child who was not injured during riding a bicycle. Hence, bicycle injuries should be prevented, by taking appropriate preventive measures. If you buy a bicycle for your child, do not forget to by safety equipment also at the same time, such as helmet, knee protectors, hand gloves etc. and always remember to ask your kid to wear them before riding bicycle. Your child also should wear full sleeve shirt, and shoes. Make sure to train your child to ride bicycle in the bylines only where cycling is allowed. If possible it is best to ride bicycle yourself along with your kids, for their safety.
  • Sports injuries: you must allow your children to play for their best mental and physical development and for better health. During playing various sports and games, injuries are not uncommon. Always make sure your child wears adequate protection according to the sports played. Various games and sports have different types of injuries and their protective gears are also different. Wearing adequate safety gears and playing in a sportsmanly manner should be inculcated from childhood, to prevent injuries and to teach life lessons.

  • School bus injuries: it is not uncommon to find your child injured after returning from school in a school bus. Injury in a school bus is common among children, because they tend to get involve in various games inside school bus and injure themselves. Even without playing inside school bus, they may be inured. Usually school buses do not have any seat belts, and when children are not attentive, sudden jerk or sudden stopping of the bus may injure children. Teach discipline during boarding the bus and alighting from bus. Always tell your child to get up from the seat only when bus comes to a halt.
  • Injuries at school: every child get some injury at school. Some are minor, but sometimes injury can be serious. Always teach your children to be disciplined at school and obey teachers and follow safety instructions given by teachers. A single teacher in a class may not be able to give attention to all the students, which increases the risk of accidents and injuries. Teach your child not to jump the equipment at playground. Safety starts at home (not only charity) and parents need to take initiative to teach their children about safety at school and other places.
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