Cancer Symptoms Women Tend to Overlook

Cancer Symptoms Women Tend to Overlook

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Cancer Symptoms Women Tend to Overlook

Women are accustomed to their bodies changing constantly, whether because of the menstrual cycle, pregnancy or feelings of bloatedness. This can cause them to ignore or simply allow symptoms to slide without giving them much thought.

When it comes to cancer, we tend to assume the symptoms will be clear and evident, but that’s not always the case. Being aware of the different signs of cancer could provide vital information for early diagnosis.

The symptoms on their own don’t necessarily mean that cancer is the culprit. This is why institutes such as the French Cancer Institute can help provide a better understanding of the mechanisms of cancer development., Cancer Symptoms Women Tend to Overlook

Here is a list of symptoms to consider:

Shortness of breathe

This is one of the first signs for lung cancer patients.

Chronic cough or chest pain

A cough should last no longer than 3 to 4 weeks. Don’t ignore a cough that lasts longer because it may be a sign of leukemia or lung tumors.


A fever that just won’t go away and seems to have no explanation could mean leukemia or blood cancer

Difficulty swallowing

As many other symptoms, difficulty swallowing is nothing to be concerned about unless it is happening often. It may be linked to throat or stomach cancer if there is also vomiting or weight loss.

Nipple changes

A common sign of breast cancer may be when the nipple appears to be flattened, inverted or turned sideways. Experts of breast cancer care in France consider it essential to be aware of these symptoms since the treatment will depend on the time of diagnosis.

Changes in nails

Any unexplained changes in fingernails such as brown or black stains or pale nails may be signs of either skin or liver cancer.

Back or lower right side pain

We tend to assume any back pain is caused by posture when really it may be conveying something different such as breast cancer, liver cancer or the cancer spreading to the spine and ribs.

Before jumping into any conclusions, make sure to talk to your doctor and get more information as well as the necessary check-ups. Once diagnosed, consult with cancer experts on proper treatments and make sure to ask every possible question. You can prepare yourself for these meetings by taking a look at this guide created by the cancer hospitals in France. It details different forms of treatment and cancer.

It’s vital to be aware of any changes in your body so you can share this information with your specialist and determine if any studies may be necessary.

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