Brain Development Activities for Babies

Babies spend quantity time in moving their body. These activities are not only meant for playing but also to extend baby’s development. Even a single movement helps to create new nerve cell networks .i.e. neural wiring in the child’s brain. Below mentioned are some activities that are helpful for brain development in babies:

Bounce your baby

When a baby is small, parents walk with the infant in their arms, intuitively rock, jiggle and play the little one. We all know that such movements are soothing for baby but there is much more to these movements. Since vestibular system is well developed by now, sensations are been experienced by baby. Therefore movement, balance and touch are soothing to your little one. Such movement also facilitates early brain development and visual alertness. Make sure that you don’t overdo or strain your baby, keep every movement soft and low in intensity.

Talk to your baby

When you are carrying the baby what you must do is interact. You can talk about what you are doing and about the things present in environment. By doing so you are teaching your child through small conversations (although it’s more of a monologue since it’s only you who talks!), language and speech patterns to your baby. Speak to your baby in a dramatized higher pitch. This helps to stimulate brain and teach language skills are quicker pace.

Besides this imitating baby’s facial expressions and voice will make your baby realize that she has an impact on the environment.

Encourage rolling movement

The initial few movements of baby are involuntary and reflexive. One such voluntary movement is rolling over. What you have to do is encourage your baby to move, give incentives. Sit behind your baby when she is lying on her back. Hold a toy over her head to get baby’s attention. When your baby starts looking at the toy, slowly move it to the other side. Do this while encouraging your baby to take the toy. When baby rolls give her the toy as a perk! Now, tell us, wouldn’t that be interesting?

Fun Water Games

When your baby has learned to sit firmly without any assistance, you can start water games. This can be done during the bathing session or by simply placing lukewarm water in an unbreakable bowl in front of your baby. Encourage your baby to touch and splash water. This activity is good exercise for upper torso and is helpful for eye-hand coordination.


Even though, every activity of baby is helpful in terms of growth and development of baby. But walking is best amongst all. However, this does not mean that you must force you child to stand or walk. Baby will get these skills when they are developmentally ready for it.

So now you must take time out and interact with your little one as much as you can! Be a part of their growing-up years rather than being apart.

This article contains information on Brain Development Activities for Babies and activities that helps a baby to grow.


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