Best Video Exercises from Fitness Model Valeria Orsini

Internationally known Fitness Model Valeria Orsini shares her expertise on her Instagram page to help everyone achieve their fitness goals. Since a lot of people have a difficult time toning their abs and flattening their stomach, we put together a collection of some of her most popular exercises and tips to help you reach your desired look.
Since Valeria is all about motivation, we’ll start off with a video of her working out wearing her Body by Orsini Slimming Patch, which is a perfect tool to accelerate your workout, help you lose weight, and burn stubborn belly fat in just a few weeks!

You can find more information on the Slimming Patch on her website at and the following videos are all on her Instagram page at

Here’s our list of our favorite clips of Valeria Orsini doing her workout routines. You’ll notice she likes to switch it up often, and does a great job to incorporate a variety of styles in her training.

All core exercises don’t have to be boring crunches or sit ups. Find a scenic area and get some fresh air as you practice the exercises shown in this video to strengthen your legs and abdomen. Remember to keep your momentum as you power through these exercises.

Doing a variety of exercises is important to challenge yourself and strengthen a variety of muscles. In this video, you need to get your best music playlist ready to make it through this tough but satisfying workout.

Get motivated with this stunning view and energetic video. The variation of exercises along with non-stop repetition will help you burn the most calories in the short amount of time you have to exercise.

Did you indulge in cheat meals lately? This exercise video will help you burn all of those extra calories you consumed. Get ready to sweat, tone and strengthen your body.

In this video, you will be focused on stretching and squeezing your back muscles. But did you know the upward movement of your arms and your strong posture is also toning your abs? So work it out and enjoy!

Are you planning a night out with the girls? Get this quick workout in before you start getting ready. The combination is intense and works a multitude of muscle groups. It will also help your body look amazing in anything you decide to wear.

Side lunges with a weight bar will really work you out. Get ready to tone your legs by using the strength in your abdomen. This is an excellent workout when you need to focus and concentrate on isolated areas and muscle groups.

Your hamstrings are going to scream after you finish 30 reps of leg lifts with 20 lbs ankle weights. While this exercise focuses on tightening and lifting your glutes you should also be aware that you use your core muscles and tone your abs as well.

The exercises in this video might look complicated but you can do it! Try adjusting the amount of weight and stay focused. Each movement is toning and strengthening the abs and concentrating on the legs and glutes.

If you have access to a smith machine you can do squats as demonstrated in this video. This is also a beneficial way to work out your abs. The smith machine is usually occupied at most gyms. If you ask the front desk person at your gym when the slow time period is, you will be able to spend some time with this incredible machine.

Doing exercises on a Bosu balance ball is a good workout. It takes focus and tremendous balance to complete each movement. It really works out each muscle. This type of exercising should be done slowly to fully benefit from the movement.

Are you a treadmill junky? If nothing can separate you from your treadmill get creative and do the exercises in this video. Remember you are not focusing on going fast, make sure you slow down the treadmill so you have control. You will want to focus on how many you can finish. This is also a great way to challenge yourself by trying to do more every session.

Shoulder exercises will tone and create definition. The movement in this exercise will also help strengthen your core area. Stay motivated and try to do as many repetitions as you can. Once you feel the burn stop. Challenge yourself to do more during your next session until you build up momentum.

It’s time to turn the music up and get that heart rate higher. Keep up with Valeria in this intense workout video!

Valeria gets creative with this motivational workout. Balance is essential when doing these unique movements. The movement helps strengthen and tone a variety of areas including the legs, glutes, and abs.

As you can see in the videos, keeping a fit and healthy body takes a lot of hard work. Motivation and determination go a long way when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. Valeria is dedicated to staying fit and teaching others to properly do exercises safely. She enjoys combining a variety of exercises to keep things fun and receive maximum benefits from each workout session. Using products like the Slimming Patch really help enhance your workout and push your training to the next level. You can also follow the Body by Orsini Instagram page at;
Whether you have 45 minutes or 10 minutes, her videos will really help you tone and strengthen your muscles to perfection.

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