Baby Hygiene: Some Tips To Keep Your Baby Hygienic

Babies are totally dependent on the caregivers (usually parents or someone close to the baby). This is especially true for first year of life for a baby. During the first year baby is totally dependent on the mother for feeding, going to places as well as for hygiene and health. A baby who is well cared will grow up to be a healthy individual with fewer problems in future. If you have a baby, it is important to know how to keep your baby clean and hygienic.

Here are some tips to maintain hygiene of your baby:

  • If your baby is running a temperature or ill, it is important keep the baby cool. Do not try to cover him/her with extra cloths or blankets. It may not help bring temperature down and cause discomfort for the baby.
  • A baby should be bathed every day. While bathing your baby, clean the nappy area, folds under arms, neck fold. Use warm water for bathing your baby. Be careful while using soap and oil.
  • Trim your baby’s nail regularly. While cutting nails baby may make sudden movements this may lead to injury. To prevent injuries during cutting nails use small scissors/nail cutter or alternatively you can cut/trim nails when your baby is asleep, this will not cause injury due to sudden movement.
  • Cleaning ears is also in important part of baby hygiene. Use soft cotton buds to clean outer ears only and nostrils. While cleaning outer ear, hold your baby firmly so that he cannot make sudden movement. Never push cotton bud deeper into ear canal or inside nostrils. Do not try to clean middle ear (the ear canal), if ear canal cleaning is required, visit an ENT doctor for that. If you try to clean middle ear (ear canal) the baby may make sudden movement and it may damage eardrum and cause serious problem.
  • Baby care is not complete without proving interesting things (such as toys) the baby likes and playing with him. A happy and healthy baby brings joy to whole family and a joyful family is healthy family.

It is possible that you may over clothe your baby. It is difficult to judge how warm is the baby. In general babies metabolic rate is high and they usually do not feel cold, as there body produces more heat at a given time compare to their body weight. However, you should always be careful not to allow your baby to become cold, it may leading catching cold and flu.


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