Baby Grows: Fetus Size During First Semester of Pregnancy

Since you are pregnant (or perhaps only at the stage of planning for an upcoming pregnancy), you are probably starting to wonder what all those changes inside your body are all about—the ones that everyone keeps joyfully telling you about. You know that there will be a brand new life growing inside you, or maybe even several little bodies. What you probably don’t know is how big your baby will be, as your pregnancy progresses. As such, we’ve prepared a brief guide, which will help you get a rough idea as to your baby’s size, as we take a week by week pregnancy approach to your first trimester. The first semester is often said to be the most difficult one, since the entire scenario of being pregnant is new and exciting, as well as mysterious, filled with conflicting emotions and surprising events. As such, read on, be prepared and get excited: you are about to bring a brand new life into this big, wonderful world!
Weeks Four to Six
Needless to say, at the zero marker of week four, your baby is as tiny as tiny can be. It’s no larger than 15 millimeters long, roughly the size of a lentil or a rice grain. It’s hard to believe that such a tiny, fragile thing will eventually come to develop into a full-size individual, with their very own hopes, feelings and emotions. However, they most definitely will, even if things seem to be progressing rather slowly at the moment. By week five, the baby is as big as a cucumber seed, which is some 2.88 millimeters across. And once you reach week six, you can already safely say that your baby is as long as a classical strip of film is wide, which is no more than 8 millimeters. As a matter of fact, week six fetuses are 8.47 millimeters on average, but they could still fit inside your average film reel. From here on out, they will only continue to grow ever bigger, and their bodies more complex.
Weeks Seven to Nine
A seven week-old baby is no bigger than a blueberry, which means they are already about a half an inch big. In centimeters, that’s 12.7. No bigger than your regular blueberry, and definitely just as cute, if you come to think about it. On week eight, they are already 2.286 centimeters long. If you need to compare them to any known object, think that they’re about the size of an average kidney bean. From this point onward, you can start talking about weight, not just size—that’s roughly 1.89 grams, not even two grams heavy! Now take a look at any of your rings, or your wedding ring. We estimate an average ring is about 3.04 centimeters wide and weighs some 4.7 grams. That’s how big and ‘heavy’ your baby will be on week nine of your pregnancy.
Weeks Ten to Twelve
Babies can actually only be called fetuses since week ten of your pregnancy. Legally, before this marker, they don’t even exist! But now that they’re the size of a kumquat (which is a yummy, yellowish exotic fruit they are officially a fetus, 19 mm long and weighing roughly 7.09 grams. On week 11, you can start comparing them to an actual living being, since they are the size of a humming bird, 6.35 cm long and weighing 5.67 grams. By the end of the first trimester, expect your baby to weigh 28 grams and be 7.62 centimeters long, which is roughly the size of a regular toy.
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