At What Age Can You Get Laser Eye Surgery?

ID-100157757The big question that most people ask when it comes to laser eye surgery is what the ideal age for the procedure should be. Many people have asked whether there is any specific age limit or requirement for laser eye surgery. They wonder whether they are too young or too old for safe and effective laser eye surgery. Parents are usually worried whether the procedure will be safe and effective for their children below 18 years and whether it gets any better once they hit 40 and above years.

Well, the truth is that in every age bracket, individuals have unique issues and needs so consulting an eye surgeon is usually wise idea. All in all, there are outliners in most cases. The most common age for laser eye surgery is something between 20 years and 40 years. Let us dig deeper and see what exactly the needs are and consideration issues at different ages.

Can a Child Get a Laser Eye Surgery?

Unless it is a case of extreme an eye problem that desperately needs LASIK, surgeons do not recommend it to be carried out. The main reason behind this is the fact that children’s eyes are not fully developed and are still changing and adjusting their shapes. This therefore means that if the surgery is done, it only acts as a temporally solution to the problem. That is why as time goes by, that child will need a corrective surgery to be done in future.

When children are compared to adults their restlessness disfavours them for this surgery. Unlike adults who will remain calm after a simple sedation, children will remain restless during the procedure unless they receive a very strong sedation for them to keep calm.

It is therefore advisable for doctors to recommend eye glasses, contact lenses or eye patches for stimulated or forced vision in case the child has got some conditions. Laser eye surgeons should only be preferred if these conventional treatments do not work for the child.

What about teens?

FDA has not approved the procedure for teens under 18 years despite the fact that it is still an effective procedure for vision improvement. The reason being the same as for children, the eye is still developing and so it can only be a temporary solution. It is at the age of 21 years when one’s eye becomes fully developed and that is why you find many doctors advising teenagers to wait until they reach 21 years for the surgery to have a permanent effect.

A no for children and teenagers, what about middle-aged people?

Mostly, this is age between 20 and 40 years. The eye has fully developed in this age bracket so this is the most common age for laser eye surgery. Since there are no adjustments taking place in the eye, the likelihood of getting permanent treatment is higher than when you are younger.

Apart from higher likelihood of permanent treatment, there are other benefits of getting a laser eye surgery during this period. You get to stay with improved vision for longer period, you tend to heal and stabilize quicker and there are few side effects associated with LASIK in this age.

People around 40 years Old

Once a person hits 40, their eyes start to change once again. Presbyopia starts knocking at your door and this is where reading glasses come in handy since a LASIK surgery does not correct this problem. That is why some people will go for monovision to correct one eye for near vision and the other one for distance vision.

Above 60 years of Age

Around this age, laser eye surgery is still safe and effective but issues such as cataract should be put into consideration so that the patient undergoes a cataract surgery.

In whichever age group you are in, there are unique needs and issues which have to be considered before receiving treatment. That is why it is advisable that one consults their surgeon for them to determine whether at your age you are a good candidate for the procedure. In case your candidacy is in question, they will advise you on alternative treatment methods to correct your vision.

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