An Incredibly Useful Guide to E-Cigarette Models

An Incredibly Useful Guide to E-Cigarette Models

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An Incredibly Useful Guide to E-Cigarette Models

To the uninformed, e-cigarettes are one-use items bought at Walmart or the corner store. Although these certainly are a style of electronic cigarettes, they are also only the tip of the iceberg. A large variety of brands and styles exist to suit the needs of anyone who’s looking to get into the e-cigarette community. Many of these brands and styles are highly customizable and can be built to suit anyone’s needs and preferences. Here is a small introductory guide to help new users understand their options when they start using e-cigarettes.

A Generational Divide

There are three different iterations of the electronic cigarette, each representing a step in the development of e-cigs. With each step, the electronic models become increasingly divergent from tobacco smoking. Novice vapers and the majority of smokers who first try vaping use inexpensive or disposable models. Meanwhile, advanced e-cig users have become so knowledgeable about the technology that they customize their kits in much the same way asa computer enthusiast, by building their device from individual components. They will often add and subtract modifications as they go, making the hobby of consuming electronic cigarettes a more cerebral experience than many outsiders realize.


The first group is the most widely recognized. The idea behind electronic cigarettes was originally to make a product that could be as similar as possible to traditional tobacco cigarettes, thereby satisfying the craving of millions of smokers desperately seeking any alternative to tobacco, but still wanting to retain the feel of smoking.

These models often look and feel similar to a common or generic cigarette. They’re usually the same diameter and length of a Marlboro Red or Camel Filter in hopes of attracting a broad audience. They’ll usually light up on the end to simulate the burning as the user draws air and often will have the mouthpiece painted to mimic the coloration of a cigarette filter. Flavor-wise they usually mimic tobacco as well.

One of the main failings of this style is specifically within the realm of reducing tobacco consumption. By incessantly seeking to copy the experience of real cigarettes, these fake cigarettes simply remind the craver what they’re missing in a way patches or gum never did.

These models, like all others, will come in a variety of nicotine densities depending on the level of desired consumption and will often market specifically to users of “full flavor” or “light” cigarettes accordingly, in spite of the misleading nature of such claims by either tobacco companies or e-cigarette companies.

Finally, like all other electronic cigarettes, first generation models will vaporize a propylene glycol–based liquid, which when vaporized will produce what’s essentially water vapor, nicotine andany other natural or artificial flavors that may have been added.


These models are becoming more available and recognized as the community continues to grow. There are many retail locations, forums, online stores and groups promoting the use of second generation models as introductions into the hobby.

These models are considerably more customizable than first generation units and are different in appearance from tobacco cigarettes. Firstly, they’re usually much larger than a cigarette, approaching a medium sized cigar in diameter and length. Also, they’re refillable. This means the owner isn’t tied down to a single price or flavor when deciding whether or not to continue consuming the product. Second generation models can be customized to have the light removed or light up in a variety of colors.

Many casual or first time users are intimidated by the level of knowledge necessary to operate a second generation device which is much more prone to user error. This can range from materials that need to be replaced such as the vaporizing elements, oils or the wicking agent which moves the oils to the vaporizer itself.

APV — Advanced Personal Vaporizer

The final form of electronic cigarette is highly customizable and often don’t look anything like normal cigarettes. The batteries often last much longer than its counterparts and it often uses more liquid to operate as it will produce a more dense cloud. Although, all of this can be customized to suit the consumer’s needs, by the consumer.
These are the models can have LED displays of battery life percentages or discharge hookah-density clouds of vapor.

If electronic cigarettes were cars, cigalikes would be generic, reliable, unimpressive sedans; mid-sizes would be cross-over SUVs capable of a little bit of everything; and APVs would be street racers, whether classic hot-rods, modified muscle cars or low riders. Unfortunately, most individuals are still smoking boring, normal cigarettes, which is akin to getting around on a scooter.

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