Alternative Cancer Treatment – Different Characteristics and Options

Alternative Cancer Treatment – Different Characteristics and Options

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Alternative Cancer Treatment – Different Characteristics and Different Options

What is cancer?

The fast evolving world has paved the way to much advancement in various fields and at the same time has presented a shop full of diseases to the creatures inventing and also those using these advanced technologies. One among them is cancer. Cancer is commonly known as tumor and is termed by medical science as malignant neoplasm. This is characterized as a condition of uncontrollable cell growth. This process of cell multiplication takes place so quickly in a manner that we identify this change only when this disease is in its last stages. Though cancer is generally referred to as tumor, not all tumors are symbolic of cancer. Some of the tumors do not have an uncontrollable growth, nor do they affect the adjacent tissues and they can be cured by simple operational techniques.

Diagnosis of cancer

Cancer can be diagnosed in many ways like some symptoms or maybe during a cancer screening test and now the up gradation in the field of medicine has brought in the technology of medical imaging that gives a clear view of any such unregulated growth occurring in the body. Most of the cancers are diagnosed or identified by performing biopsy. Biopsy could be an operation involving a single step or a series of steps depending on the site of the tumor.

Types of cancer

This disease may attack anybody irrespective of their age, but the older ones are more prone to it. There are many types of cancer like cervical cancer, lung cancer, and leukemia commonly known as blood cancer, etc., Nowadays breast cancer is among the types of cancer that is more common and likely to occur amongst the women and prostate cancer is on the rise in case of men.

Treatment of cancer

The curing of this disease is completely dependent on the type and site of cancer and more importantly the stage that it has progressed to. The stage here refers to how much growth has taken place and if it has progressed to other locations or say tissues which could make the situation complex. There are many treatments that are in use today to tackle the cancer like, radiation therapy or say chemotherapy and to some extent surgery too may be relied upon. A recent study showed that near about 15% of the population in the world contracted this disease and succumbed to it while another 6-7% is fighting for their lives.

Some of the reasons for contracting cancer could be obesity, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, more exposure to sunlight and there are chances that it could be due to some genetic problems too. The above-mentioned reasons apply only to some types of cancers or can be referred to as common reasons, but the fact is that the actual causes for many types of cancers still remain unknown.

Alternative cancer treatments are in today’s date on the rise among the affected patients. This involves use of chemicals, herbs, exercise and diet and also many other manual procedures. Though this type of treatment is not recognized or accepted by the government are more preferred by the people as it is more economical and at the same time is less painful.

But such alternative cancer treatments are not so very effective in the treatment of cancer. A recent study revealed that nearly 34% of the cancer patients got cured with the modern techniques used, but at the same time 90% of the patients were reported to have died taking the complimentary treatments.

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