Afraid After 35 With Skin Effects?

As you turn 35, you may start facing some skin conditions that come inevitably with age. These conditions include sagging skin, wrinkles, dark spots, dryness, and thin and pale appearance. These cannot be reversed. So, what best you can do is adopt habits that will beautify and heal your skin as well as fight off the early signs of aging.

Sun exposure can cause lack of skin elasticity and pigment changes. Non-cancerous skin growth and age spots may appear. Exposure to sun can lead to skin cancer, the risk of which increases in people above the age of 35. Wrinkles, rough skin, freckles and dry skin may start to appear. So, wear a sunscreen of SPF 30 or more every time you step out. Wear clothing that would protect your skin from the sun. As one grows older, the skin goes through different phases depending on hormones and other factors.

In U.K., maximum number of babies are born to mothers in the age group of 30-35 years. Women’s skin generally appears to glow during this time and pregnancy is considered as a phase of natural skin care conditioning. This happens as healthy levels of hormones are produced during this period. Some women observe what is called as pregnancy spots. This happens because of overgrowth of blood vessels present in the deeper layers of the skin. It is caused by excessive estrogen production. Also, during pregnancy, the skin starts to become drier as the baby starts absorbing the nutrients.

Whether one is pregnant or not, one starts noticing that the skin is getting dull and dry at this age. This is because new cells production rate starts to slow down. Fine lines around eyes and mouth may start to develop. However, these lines may not disappear when you smile. Elastin and collagen – proteins found in the skin – that impart elasticity and strength to your skin, also start becoming weaker. Wrinkles start giving way to expression lines. If you smoke, the condition may further aggravate.

When you turn 35, you may even start observing changes in your skin tone as the support from the lymph glands that flush out the toxins, starts weakening. This results in puffiness around the eyes and the skin becomes less bright.  At this age, one may even notice the formation of more cellulite – fat deposition beneath the skin. This happens with hormonal changes as blood and lymph circulation starts slowing down. Stretch marks may also occur during this time.

Further, the moisturizer that you had used during your 20s, may not be appropriate for you when you are in your mid-30s. So, use a more hydrating moisturizer if the skin is not getting enough moisture to stay young and healthy. Exfoliation is important to remove the dead skin cells. Use a good cream or a serum, which can help you get rid of fine lines and wrinkles.

During your 30s and 40s, lymphatic system starts slowing down. Lymphatic drainage through which the body gets rid of the toxins slows down, and fibers supporting lymph glands start breaking down. This leads to puffiness around the eyes. The sebum or oil production also reduces, which increases the vulnerability to environmental conditions like smoke and pollution.

This is also the time when the levels of hormones like estrogen that keep your skin elastic and glowing gradually decrease. This can make the skin sag and wrinkles may appear around neck region and chest area. To manage or prevent such signs of aging, what you can do is massage your skin while applying a moisturizer according to tour skin type. This would allow better movement of lymphatic fluid. Alcohol can inflame the blood vessels and smoking can break down the collagen. Further, it can dehydrate the water inside the skin for keeping skin bouncy and plump.

Skin color may also start changing. It may turn gray or yellow. This happens because of excessive exposure to sun. The amount of pigment produced increases in response to sun’s radiation. This changes the appearance and color of the skin. The best thing you can do is make it a point that the skin remains fully hydrated and protected with a sunscreen.

With age, patches of pigmentation start appearing. Age spots are easily noticeable. This can occur on the back of hands, arms and face. Spider veins caused by damage to blood vessels from the sun may start to show. Further, skin becomes flaky and more wrinkles may start to appear.

The healing capacity of skin decreases, so skin has higher likelihood of cracking and becoming dry. You can try vitamin A (retinol)-based products. This will give firmness to the skin. Also, regular application can facilitate the production of new skin cells and boost collagen production. Moisture is really important for the skin. Nourishing masks and serums will help keep your skin hydrated and enhance its complexion.

Thus, 30s can bring about unexpected changes to your skin. Wrinkles start emerging, lines around the eyes may turn into crow’s feet. Acne may also show a comeback or appear for the very first time in the thirties. This is called as adult acne. Skin becomes dull and saggy. Hormones significantly contribute to these issues, particularly in women. Most hormonal changes start around the age of 30.

To remain gorgeous during the 30s and beyond, cleanse your skin each day and make sure all the makeup is removed before going to bed at night. There are many skin care products in the market. Choose the right product wisely according to your skin type.

It is better to exfoliate the skin in the night. This is because, during night, the skin is in repair mode. Removing dead skin cells before going to bed boosts the function of the skin. If you have got oily skin and there is acne too, exfoliation twice a day is enough. Apply an antioxidant serum or vitamin C in combination with a sunscreen. This will protect the skin in an effective way.

Make sure that the skin remains hydrated all the time. Use a moisturizing body wash as it protects the skin and keeps it from getting dehydrated. Also, you can use essential oils to use it as a moisturizer. Moreover, use a sunscreen every day round the year; be it during the rainy days, winters or the scorching summer. UVA rays are present throughout the year and are a major contributor to the process of premature aging. Drink plenty of water. You can add lemon or lime as per your choice. Eat a diet rich in nutrients and fibers and take out some time daily to work out.

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