Advice on Ways to Go Into Labor

There are many ways to get pregnant. While pregnant a lot of women end up going past the due date. This is not an uncommon event and it might send women looking for methods of going into labor. It’s crucial that you talk with your doctor or with your midwife before you seek out these methods of inducing labor. They should only be utilized once you’ve been pregnant for no less than 37 weeks. Before the 37 weeks are up the baby is still in the developing stage and is receiving the benefits of the womb. Keep in mind that the very last month of pregnancy is tiring but it won’t be long until you have your baby, even it the labor is medically induced.

Natural Ways Of Going Into Labor

If you have a doctor or midwife who believes you’ve been carrying too long or that there is some sort of emergency, then your labor can be induced medically. This is only performed under specific conditions. Most women who do this prefer to try natural means for going into labor before they allow any medical procedures to take place. All of the methods for going into labor need to be discussed with a professional before you try any of them.

Having Sex

We know that sex is what started the baby inside there, and it can also be sex that brings the baby out of there. Sex can be a challenge during your later months of pregnancy, but a lot of women find that having robust sex frequently helps to start their labor. Having an orgasm helps the uterus start to contract. It’s vitally important that you don’t have too much sex before going into labor because it can begin the process far too early.

Nipple Stimulation

Lots of women have found that stimulation of the nipples is an effective way of going into labor. Nipples can either be gently sucked or rubbed. They can be caressed causing them to release oxytocin into the body and this helps to bring on the labor. Releasing oxytocin helps to start contractions of your uterus.

A simple walk is another effective method of inducing labor. You shouldn’t tire yourself out, but just walking in the woods or taking a stroll down the street can help your baby to position itself in a state of preparation for coming out. Whenever you’re in an upright position your baby places pressure on the cervix. Such pressure serves to release oxytocin and start the labor. Walking is one of the most gentle forms of exercise you can engage in while pregnant.

Labor Acupressure

Labor Acupressure is quite similar to regular acupuncture only it’s more like a light massage. Instead of using needles, acupressure is done using the hands and the thumbs. Hands and thumbs are placed on specific pressure points located on the body that have been proven to help induce labor. You can have your partner perform this or your midwife.

Additional Methods Of Going Into Labor

The methods mentioned above for going into labor have proved to be successful for a lot of women. Various other methods include things like blowing up balloons or gently bouncing around on a birthing ball. There are some women who eat spicy foods such as curry. Even crying has been stated to help some women go into labor, so they watch a tear-jerker on TV.

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