Advantages And Disadvantages of Waxing

Waxing is a commonly used hair removal procedure. Like any other method of hair removal, waxing also has advantages and disadvantages. Hence, before you decide to use waxing for hair removal, it is important to know advantages as well as disadvantages of waxing and then decide, whether to use waxing for hair removal or not.ID-100275483

Common advantages of waxing for hair removal:

  • Waxing is cheap way of hair removal
  • Waxing does not take much time for hair removal, and suitable for busy people too
  • Effect of waxing can last for 3-6 weeks, which is a great advantage, because you have do waxing (hair removal) less frequently, unlike shaving which you may have to do daily
  • Waxing makes skin smooth and glowing
  • Regular use of waxing makes the hair lighter, hair shafts become thinner, unlike shaving, which cut the hair and the growing end is thick and hair looks thicker as a result
  • Regular use of waxing can damage hair follicles and may leave permanent hair free skin after waxing for several years
  • You can do waxing at home easily, without need of expert supervision
  • Waxing can be used for large areas for hair removal, at short time
  • If used properly, waxing does not cause irritation, redness or itching
  • Waxing leaves healthy and glowing skin, because it also exfoliates the skin, which makes skin shiny and glowing
  • Waxing can be done in all areas of skin

Common disadvantages of waxing for hair removal:

  • The procedure may be painful, especially for the first timers and for those who have sensitive skin or if the procedure is not correct. If procedure is not done in right way it may lead to broken hairs, below skin surface or just above the skin surface, which will lead to rapid hair regrowth
  • The hairs should be at least 1/4th inch long for waxing to be effective and you may not be able to wait till that because the hairs of 1/4th inch may look too long for comfort at some areas of skin.
  • If you have certain medical conditions (such as diabetes, pregnancy, on contraceptive pills etc.), consultation with your doctor is recommended before waxing, because it may lead to redness of skin, itching or sensitive skin
  • If hairs of a particular area does not come off at first attempt, you may have to use alternative hair removal method, such as tweezing, shaving or other methods
  • One should use moisturizer after hair removal by waxing
  • Waxing may be costlier than shaving

Know the above mentioned advantages and disadvantages of waxing for hair removal and decide you should use it or not.

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