8 Tips to Being a Well Groomed Man

ID-10040769As a woman and professional Cosmetologist, I have a special interest in well groomed men. There is nothing hotter than a nice dressed man with a fresh haircut. So sit back and get ready to take some notes. I’m about to show you how to step up your game and maybe even score a date.


I’m not here to tell you that certain styles are hotter than others or you need to shop certain stores to look good. But I know you have a style you like better than others and you have to make it work for you. Do you like T shirts and jeans? Then, find nice shirts with cool designs on them. (And leave the Chuck Norris shirts and shirts with sarcastic sayings at home.) Make sure your jeans are flattering and coordinate with what you’re wearing.

Do you like grungy clothes? Find nicer quality stuff, avoid profanity and always make sure you don’t smell grungy. (Not saying that I think grungy dudes are smelly, but make sure you know the difference between grungy and messy.) Whatever you like, there is a nice, clean way to pull it off. Seriously, Pinterest can be your best friend here. I know, I know, Pinterest is just for your girlfriends’ and wives’, but it has tons of pictures of outfits that usually have links to where you can buy it or suggestions or how to replicate it.

And let’s be honest, there is tons of information on the internet in general. You really can’t go wrong here, so just check some stuff out and go shopping!


There is literally nothing that will kill your vibe more than clothes that don’t fit. If you have a little belly, make sure your shirts fit and don’t suction cup to your squishy spots. Same rule applies to pants. Don’t wear pants that accentuate your flaws, but hide them. On the other hand, Don’t wear clothes that are so loose that you are swimming in them. Both shirts and pants should be snug, but flattering. If you have doubt on how clothes to fit then bring someone along with you when you buy them. (Or at least make a good friend see them on you before you leave the house.)


Now, as a hairstylist, I’m a little biased to the need for a good trim, but I promise this isn’t a shameless plug for the cosmetologists of the world. A haircut can make or break a good style. So find things you like and bring in a picture. This helps prevent any miscommunications that occur between clients and stylists. I would suggest going to an experienced barber or reputable salon. You can still achieve success at big chain salons, but they usually preach a “quantity over quality” sermon, so always be cautious.

Actually, at any salon, make sure you go to someone that you know will do a good job. This usually means getting a referral from a friend or co-worker, so go ahead and ask around. If you go as far as waxing your body at a clinic like Male Grooming Belfast then why not go for laser hair removal instead? It is much more effective without the pain!


Again, I promise this isn’t a shameless plug. (Although I am totally biased towards any hair product made by Paul Mitchell.) You need to find a hair product that works for your hair, not against it. So find the type of hold that you like, most companies go towards a light, medium, firm type model. Pick which one suits you and use it for a while. Always make sure that you buy professional products from professionals! You should not be able to buy salon quality products at any pharmacy. If you do see them, do not assume you stumbled on a good deal, they are usually expired or watered down versions of the real stuff.


This one is pretty self-explanatory, so I’ll keep this short. Spray enough on so that someone can smell it but not so much that you choke someone out! If you are an offender of this rule then try to spray a mist into the air in front of you and then walk into it. That way, you can see how much you’re really putting on and just a little will dissipate before you walk into it. So seriously, go easy on the cologne!


Now I don’t expect you to have the 60+ pairs of shoes that I possibly have in my closet, but you should definitely own more than one pair of shoes. I usually suggest having 4 core pairs of shoes. First, have a good pair of sneakers for running around, doing errands, etc. They should look nice and coordinate with your more casual outfits, so make sure they aren’t crazy colored or have super bold patterns unless that flows with your style. You also need to have a nice pair of sandals. These probably shouldn’t be anything that you found for $5 somewhere. They should have a nice, comfortable sole with thicker straps that won’t rub blisters anywhere. Please don’t get anything with Velcro! The third pair you should have is a nice pair of low cut canvas shoes. They don’t have to be canvas for sure, but they should look nice without looking too formal. These will be for your more casual dates. The last pair that will need is a nice pair of dress shoes. These will be reserved for those “special” dates. You can seriously take a woman’s breath away with a great suit and the right pair of dress shoes.


Please don’t strut around looking like Flavor Flav, that will only distract from how nice you really look. So if you’re a “watch guy,” then you should wear a nice watch; avoid anything that Velcros and stay away from cheap plastic. And I feel my blatant hatred of Velcro should be obvious by now, but never own a wallet that Velcros either! If you’re going on a super nice date or to a very formal business event, I would suggest going all out with some cufflinks and a nice tie clip. If you are a man with pierced ears, then keep them small. My mom (and probably your mom) stood by the principle of “less is more.” Keep that in mind as you’re shopping for all of your accessories.


I don’t mind nice, tan hunks, but please avoid turning yourself orange. I would personally advise to just skip spray tans altogether unless you can find a good, reputable tanning salon that offers them. Even then, they almost always get weird on your hands and give away the fact that you spray tan and that sometimes gets awkward. Please avoid tanning beds if you have any family history of skin cancer! There is nothing sexy about cancer, so please don’t sacrifice health for beauty. My suggestion is to use a low SPF sunscreen and enjoy the outdoors. Lay out in the yard or on your porch, hang out by the pool or just forget the sleeves and go for a hike in the hot sun.

Now you have all the skills to be a sharp dressed man, so suit up and strut your stuff! But please remember that how attractive you are can be completely undone by how you treat other people. Don’t ruin your newly found swag by being a tool.

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