8 Important Facts About Generic Drugs

8 Important Facts About Generic Drugs

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8 Important Facts About Generic Drugs

, 8 Important Facts About Generic DrugsA generic drug is a drug for which the patent right has expired and any company or govt. agency can manufacture and sell it without need of a license from its original patent holder. As there is no requirement of license (and huge fee for license) they can be manufactured easily at very cheap rate.

Fact No. 1

Chemically generic drugs are same as branded drugs (i.e. they are bioequivalent with their brand name counterparts). That means the generic drug amount that reaches blood stream after administration by any route (oral, intravenous, intra-muscular etc.) is same as that of brand name drug.

Fact no. 2

Generic drugs have same potency and efficacy as that of brand name drug. They have same active ingredient, strength, dosage form, and route of administration. But they need not to have same inactive ingredient (every medication have inactive ingredient) as that of brand name drug.

Fact no. 3

Generic drugs are cheap, but that does not mean they are less effective. Generic drugs can be sold at very cheap rate (as cheap as 10-50 times that of a brand name drug), because generic drug manufacturer need not repeat costly clinical trials and other research related works that are done during development of a brand name drug. They also do not need costly advertising, marketing, and promotion.

Fact no. 4

Generic drugs have to meet same rigorous standards established by Govt. authorities (such as FDA) in respect to identity of the drug, strength, quality, purity, efficacy and potency as that required for brand name drugs. Small variation in purity, size, strength, and other parameters that is permitted for brand name drug is permitted for generic drugs also, when they are mass produced.

Fact no. 5

Generic drugs manufacturers also need to pass the same quality standards for manufacturing, packaging, and testing, as that of brand name drugs.

Fact no. 6

Govt. authorities (such as FDA) monitor adverse effects of generic drugs and investigated when required.

Fact no.7

Govt. authorities (e.g. FDA) regulate and monitor generic drugs the same way it regulated and monitor brand name drugs. Hence generic drugs are as effective and as safe as that of brand name drugs.

Fact no. 8

Generic drugs are available in medical stores as well as in various retail stores such as Wallmart.

If you wish to spend less for your treatment, do not hesitate to ask your doctor to write generic drugs. Use of generic drugs can help you save money without compromising the quality of treatment. But there are various new drugs for which generic version is not yet available, because patent rights have not expired and you have no option but have to use brand name drugs.

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