7 Fascinating Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water

Water is everywhere – it is free and easily accessible – yet not sought after. Water is quite beneficial and is the – believe it or not – the best choice of drink.

Do you get headaches, constipation and hungry often? Water forms the majority of our body, that is, about 70% and every cell in the body is fabricated from water. So, water is the most essential fluid in our body and is necessary for proper functioning of the body.

Bonus – you could get compliments every day – why so? This is because a large amount of H2O intake results in clear and youthful skin.

It tastes just ‘nothing’, so why bother drinking it? Well, you can add a tinge of lemon or cucumber or slices of fresh fruits such as orange or watermelon.

There are many reasons as to why water is the best fluid in your body. We will walk you through those reasons – you will be fascinated by the benefits water has.

  1. Boosts your energy level and relieves lethargy

Do you feel lethargic often and have problems in concentrating? When the temperature is hot and you are working or exercising in the heat, you start to sweat and excessive sweating can lead to dehydration. Before dehydration, you will feel thirsty and later on lethargy and fuzzy-headedness. Dehydration can lead to reducing your physical coordination and your cognitive ability to do things. What to do then?

Well, water can be your saviour in this scenario. If you drink water, it can be a solution to all your problems. First, it helps you to concentrate, focus on things better and also think clearly. Second, you will feel more energetic than before.

  1. Helps in reducing weight and flushes out toxins

This one will be your favourite – yes, water does help in reducing weight – how? Well, water reduces the food intake since it feels full if you drink it before having your meals. Moreover, water suppresses hunger naturally – Voila! Water also removes by-products of fat and thereby help you to reduce weight naturally.

Water also helps you to get rid of harmful waste with the help of sweat and urination which thereby helps to reduce the risk of harmful outcomes such as kidney stones and urinary tract infections.

  1. Gives a thumbs-up to your immune system

Staying hydrated and balancing your fluid intake is quite important and you will not get sick at all. And why won’t it feel great to stay healthy with a strong immune system? When you intake a lot of water, it helps to fight your battles against the common cold, flu, heart attacks and even cancer. So, the status of my immune system depends a lot on how much water you should drinkyes you are going on the right path.

What actually happens is that when you intake a lot of water, it ensures that there is a large amount of oxygen spread to all the cells of your body. This is equivalent to the smooth functioning of your body’s system as they get copious oxygen. Water helps the kidneys to remove toxins from the body. Less water intake can result in toxin build-up and weakens your immune system. You don’t want that, right?

  1. More H2O = Glowing Skin

Everyone has a celebrity idol that one looks up to. All of them have supple, smooth, radiating and photogenic skin. Wow – is your reaction to it whenever you see them. Well, what is the main reason behind this? The answer is Water.

Water can make you look ageless. According to Jennifer Anniston, the famous “Friends” TV series actor says that drinking lots of water is the secret behind her timeless beauty and younger-looking skin. And it does make sense since 64% of your skin is made up of water. Dermatologists and researches believe that if you drink 500 milliliters of water, it increases blood flow to your skin. Water makes you beautiful, yes it does.

  1. Natural remedy for your headaches

Do you have a lot of stress due to work and regularly intake painkillers for it? Well, this time when you get those headaches, keep the meds aside and go natural – Drink a glass of water. Drinking water on a regular basis can lead to reduction in headaches and migraines and you would not require any tablets at all.

According to researchers and scientists, if you take something around 7 glasses a day, you will not get headaches. Not only does water reduce headaches but also reduces stress, improves your sleep and relieves you from discomfort. What is better than a natural remedy to all your problems?

  1. Avoids Cramps and Sprains

Do you wake up in the middle of the night clutching your calf crying out in pain? If yes, then these cramps must be really unbearable right?

You get cramps when your muscle tightens in the thighs or calves due to loss of water from your body. You can avoid these cramps and sprains by hydrating yourselves properly. To top it up a notch, take a banana with your glass of water which provides you with potassium. Keeping yourself hydrated, avoids these cramps & sprains and thereby keeps you in a good mood!

  1. Saves your money – Water is FREE

With so many benefits and remedies, water is the best fluid of choice. The greatest thing about water is that it is absolutely free! You get it everywhere without any hassle. If you even take bottled water, it will still be cheaper than the high-calorie and fat-filled drinks like a latte.

Now that you know the wonderful reasons for why you should drink water, you should start drinking water ASAP and as much as possible. Water is the answer to all your physical problems and pains. It is free and easily accessible, it is the BEST.

To start, you can figure out how much water I should drink and then pave your way towards good health and glowing skin!


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