6 Ways Physiotherapy Is Very Helpful to Seniors

As you age, your body will inevitably go through a lot of physical changes. Your ability to move freely would diminish due to age-related injuries and health problems, such as stiffer joints, reduced muscle strength, and lesser bone density.

Not only that these conditions will affect your mobility, but they will also affect your balance. You would often feel that you are not as quick and stable on your feet, making your everyday life more difficult than you were younger.

Now, among the few solutions to get out and about during your later years and manage the inevitable effects of aging is physiotherapy or physical therapy. With it, you can identify and overcome all factors that prevent you from being as active and independent as you can be, as well as regain an optimum level of fitness.

Whether you hire in-home care or live in a 5-star aged care residence, such as Arcare, physiotherapy can be part of your overall care program. Depending on the arrangement, it can be delivered mobile or in-house.

Here are the many ways physiotherapy can help make your life easier as a senior:

  1. It helps you maintain your independence.

As you regain and maintain your mobility and balance, you will also regain your independence to perform activities of daily living (ADL) on your own, which is most probably the most important benefit of physiotherapy. And, according to research, as you maintain normal physical functions, you will have a sense of fulfillment that also improves your psychological well-being.

  1. It strengthens your body to continue to engage in sports.

You can focus on physical training to get in shape to engage in sports. So, if you have been playing golf all your life, physiotherapy can strengthen your body in many ways so you can still enjoy the sport that you love. And the fact that you are still playing at your latter years will ensure that you are still healthy, both physically and psychologically.

  1. It makes recuperation from fractures easier and quicker.

If you suffer a fracture from a slip or fall, physiotherapy can help you recuperate from it easily and quickly. After hospitalization, this method of treatment or rehabilitation will gradually help you regain your strength and mobility that you had before the accident through a regimen of exercises.

  1. It alleviates discomfort that comes with osteoporosis.

As a progressive disease, osteoporosis is one of the conditions that you could not avoid as you reach your senior years. It is often the cause that you would fall and increase your risk of fractures. Physiotherapy includes a regular exercise program to help you manage and control the effects of this disease.

  1. It relieves symptoms of arthritis.

Similar to osteoporosis, arthritis is also one condition that you will most likely have as you age. To relieve its symptoms, you should perform regular exercises that target joints and strength training, which are part of any physiotherapy program. In a way, these activities are designed to preserve the flexibility, strength, and functions of your joints, as well as relieve discomfort.

  1. It treats various types of pain.

Generally, physiotherapy can relieve many types of pain that you will experience as you age. These include neck and back pain, stiffness, and feelings of discomfort due to poor circulation.

Of course, physiotherapy will not be able to stop aging, but it can definitely lessen the negative effects it has on your body and your life. With it, you can improve many of the important factors associated with aging, such as strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance, not to mention that it helps you with maintaining your independence.

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