6 Tips to Bring Up Group Morale in Your Hospital

6 Tips to Bring Up Group Morale in Your Hospital

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6 Tips to Bring Up Group Morale in Your Hospital

Every good hospital invests in building social capital among its group to boost positive morale. This social connectedness is what allows the team to relate to each other better and become more stable and high functioning as a group., 6 Tips to Bring Up Group Morale in Your Hospital

Positive group morale is different from job satisfaction, though. A person can have high job satisfaction with low morale. The latter is more focused on group climate and building collegial relationships. However, the problem with a low morale is that it can be easily transferred from one colleague to another until it affects the entire group. One hospitalist may be unhappy today, but before you know it, you have an entire group of dissatisfied professionals.

As such, it is always essential to take steps to uplift group morale in your hospital. You can offset boredom, keep frustration at bay, and cultivate more growth opportunities by following these tips:

  1. Schedule team-building activities.

Yes, it is one more thing to add to the heavy schedule of hospitalists, but pushing through with team-building events and activities is well worth it. A change of environment is always a good way to re-energize employees, plus it gives the staff members the chance to see each other in a different light.

There are so many activities to choose from. The most obvious is to volunteer at a local shelter or charity. Not only will this help build the team, it will also make each person feel better about themselves. Participating together in professional development activities is another option, as well as taking on fun, interactive, and group-based hobbies and interest classes.

Alternatively, you can crowd source the next team-building activity. Let the hospitalists decide what they want to do instead of letting the HR pick for them.

  1. Provide positive feedback.

Group morale tends to sink when people feel they are doing their best but their efforts go unappreciated. Make sure you are generous with deserved praise, be it on an individual or group level. This comes back to you anyway as a well-appreciated team will only will continue to perform well and with more dedication.

  1. Realign tasks.

A lack of cooperation, poor attitude, and high turnover rate can sometimes be easily resolved with task realignment. Identify key issues and make the necessary changes regarding roles, relationships, and responsibilities within the group.

Ensure the management understands the mission and vision of the team, too. Work with employees in reassessing task alignment and identify areas that must be improved, like working environment and organization transparency. The more you involve the hospital staff in your decisions, the more power and accountability they have.

  1. Set goals.

Setting up goals gives the team something to work for as a collective. Make these goals simple and immediate, like having the highest patient satisfaction score. It boosts motivation, creates excitement, and gives hospitalists a worthwhile target.

  1. Incorporate surprises.

Hospitalists often have demanding days, so surprises, no matter how big or small, truly make a difference. Reward them with a catered meal once every month or provide a free fitness or health club membership. It is not really about the perks but more of demonstrating how you value their hard work. A little appreciation goes a long way!

  1. Let go of negative people.

No matter how much you try to boost group morale, it will never reach its full potential if the team carries negative people. Protect the group from individuals who behave rudely, and those who intimidate, condescend, or belittle colleagues. A good team is in no need of a hospitalist who is sexist or racist, spreads rumors, and refuses to accept accountability. Let go of these people and watch how fast the morale of your group increases!


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