5 Things You Must Check Before Consuming Any Medicines

5 Things You Must Check Before Consuming Any Medicines

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5 Things You Must Check Before Consuming Any Medicines

Medicines are a lifesaver, but they can also cause you to fall ill if you are not careful when consuming them. In fact, medicine related cases are common, which is why it is important that you are careful about their use.

In this article, we are going to have a look at five things you must pay attention to when consuming medicines for any purpose., 5 Things You Must Check Before Consuming Any Medicines

Let’s have a look:

  1. Make Sure It’s The Right Medicine

Believe it or not, this is a common scenario. People end up consuming the wrong medicines for several reasons. Imagine you have a headache, you get up, open your medicine bag to find what you need, but you’re not able to concentrate and you end up having the wrong medicine.

This is a common occurrence because medicines can be same in color and size, which may confuse people. To avoid this from happening, make sure to always read the label properly and consume the right medicine.

Another important factor to remember is the amount it contains. For example, if a doctor prescribed you 5mg of a medicine, then only consume 5mg, consuming more will not cause you to heal quickly.

This point has to be kept in mind also when buying the medicine.

  1. Check The Expiry

Medicines come with an expiry so make sure to have a good look at the package so that you do not consume expired medicines.

Expired drugs are like poison. They damage the body instead of healing it. Discard all expired medicines.

A good solution is to not collect medicines and only buy them when you need them. While it might be tempting to buy if you get your hands on a Viagra manufacturer coupon or other such discount options, but you need to be careful as medicines expire and will go to waste if you buy too many.

  1. Is The Dosage Right?

The dosage is of huge importance. According to reports, many people fall ill due to overdose. Similarly, underdose can be a problem as well since it will not work on your body.

Many people end up fainting or falling sick cause they overdose on medicines, including tranquilizers. While some of these overdoses may be intentional, it is quite often a mistake as well which can have dire consequences.

Always double check the dose and make sure to have the right amount so that you can get the benefits that you need.

  1. What About The Timing?

Some medicines have to be taken at specific hours for them to work. You need to be careful about the timing if you want good results.

For example, constipation medicines are typically consumed before or after having a meal. You will not have the same results if you consume them at random hours. Similarly, some medicines have to be consumed at night and some during the day on an empty stomach., 5 Things You Must Check Before Consuming Any Medicines

You have to be careful about all these pointers as medicines are designed to work in a certain way and will only do so if you take them in the right manner.

  1. Is It Genuine?

Sadly, the market is full of counterfeit products, which is why you need to be careful before consuming any medicine. Always buy your medicines from reliable sellers and double check for manufacturer details to be sure you’re not being scammed.

Other than this, only pick the medicine that you are subscribed and do not go for substitutes. While some medicines are generic, in some cases substitutes can cause a lot of harm.

If a specific medicine is not available, you must go to your doctor and ask for a substitute instead of listening to the pharmacist. Only a doctor can prescribe you the right medicine.

Just follow these tips to ensure you get all the benefits that you expect from medicines.

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