5 Reasons Why Electronic Cigarettes are Safer than Traditional Cigarettes

As British society becomes more health conscious, and the amount of events around improving our health increases, many smokers have now become vapers in a bid to quit their nicotine addiction.
Especially as e-cigarettes are often deemed to be a lot safer than traditional cigarettes smoking with a new report from Public Health England stating that vaping was 95% “less harmful” than smoking.

Here are 5 main reasons why vaping is a lot safer than smoking:

  1. Absence of tobacco

As e-cigarettes are tobacco free (the e-liquid used in electronic cigarettes contains a small dose of liquid nicotine, propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine), they are considered to be a bit less harmful than traditional cigarettes. This is due to the fact that a large variety of dangerous chemicals such as tar, carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide can be found in tobacco smoke.

These chemicals are very dangerous as most of them can cause cancer if someone is exposed to them for high periods of time.

  1. Less Toxic Chemicals
    As there is no tobacco in an electronic cigarette, it means vapers are not exposed to highly toxic substances; therefore leading to a decrease in the risk to the vaper’s health.
  2. No Tar!
    Tar is one of the most important components of cigarette smoke and is very harmful to a smoker’s health. This is because the tar found in tobacco smoke contains a high amount of toxic chemicals which are more often than not the cause of respiratory problems suffered by heavy smokers because paralyzes the cilia that are found in the lungs.Other consequences of ingesting the chemicals contained in tobacco smoke are, rotting teeth and an increased chance of mouth or throat cancer.
  3. Less Radiation Agents so less chance of cancer
    The toxic substances contained in cigarettes can be found as both chemical agents and radioactive agents (e.g. led). However, the radioactive agents are far more likely to cause cancer than the chemical agents.

These radiation agents are far less present in electronic cigarettes which is why they are safer than traditional cigarettes.
Furthermore, this is confirmed recent research published in the Journal of Public Health Policy states that these agents are 1000 less present in electronic cigarettes.

  1. Less Nicotine

While nicotine is essentially an addictive stimulant and is usually the reason why smokers crave cigarettes. E-cigarettes can contribute to stop smoking because they allow the vaper to choose the amount of nicotine present in their e-liquids (the liquid which is used to produce the vapor that comes through the atomizer).

However, the above is only true if the e-liquids are used correctly as ingesting a toxic dose of nicotine would defeat the object of a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes.

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