5 Popular Anti Anxiety Tricks for Instant Relief

We are all familiar with that vague, uneasy feeling that comes when we are dreading something. This unpleasant feeling is known as anxiety, and it is usually experienced when we are anticipating some misfortune or ill-happening. Feeling mild anxiety in certain moments (like just before your mathematics exam) is entirely common, but for some people who suffer from certain severe or mild mental illness, anxiety is a chronic disorder that is there all the time. Keep in mind that you can’t get rid of anxiety in just one day – however, there are definite strategies that, if integrated into your daily lifestyle, are tried and tested for providing immediate and instant relief from anxiety. Following are 5 such popular anti-anxiety tricks to stop the unpleasant feeling quickly and efficiently:

  • Take note of your breathing

You must have heard people saying that in case of an anxiety attack, start taking deep breaths immediately. But that is not the exact solution – you actually need to do controlled breathing by breathing in slowly through your nose for about 5 to 10 seconds. Then, after you breathe in, hold your breath for a few seconds and release it slowly through the mouth.

When you breathe this way you will be actually restoring and regulating the carbon dioxide balance in your body, which is one of the main culprits behind the symptom of excessive anxiety.

  • Listen to music

No! I don’t mean from this that you start listening to all those thumping, bass heavy songs – they will do the exact opposite of relieve anxiety. Instead, you should aim for slow, soulful and romantic songs to do the trick – listening to songs that are filled with happiness and joy is recommended to pull yourself out from the dread that anxiety brings with it.

  • Try CBD or Cannabidiol Oil

CBD Oil, derived from hemp, is proven to possess anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties. Our body’s Endocannabinoid system produces natural cannabinoids which play important roles in mood regulation. Cannabinoids from CBD Oil further enhance the function of these naturally-produced cannabinoids, and thus greatly affect levels of stress and anxiety.

Also, it’s been shown that Cannabinoids actually prevent our nervous system from arousal via the stimuli of stress and anxiety. This allows for a natural and fundamental way to relax and calm down. You will notice the soothing effects dawning upon you within 20-30 minutes of using of CBD Oil.

Moreover, the anti-anxiety effects of CBD Oil enable it to be used as a great sleep-inducing agent; people suffering from stress and anxiety often are not able to get quality sleep at night (or are insomniacs), and CBD Oil relaxes the mind as well as the body, thus allowing us to drift off easily to sleep and wake up with high energy levels without any psychoactive or “high” effects.

  • Talk to your partner or somebody you trust

It’s true that you can help yourself calm down single-handedly by saying positive phrases or asking yourself questions related to the reasons behind the anxiety attacks. However, the more favorable thing for getting instant relief from anxiety is to talk to your partner or somebody you can trust.

And it is not like you need to talk to that person face-to-face – you can jolly well talk on the phone or even text too, sharing with him/her your feelings of anxiousness and explaining as to what you are feeling. Support coming from your loved ones is strong enough to pull you out from the anxiety attack, and moreover, it will help provide a sense of relief knowing that someone is there with whom you can confide in your feelings whenever you go through a panic or anxiety attack.

  • Imagine a calming scene

We all have that serene and peaceful vacation spot in our mind where we want to go. Imagining yourself at that very spot is the best way to come out of your anxiety.

Visualize yourself on a beach or anywhere close to nature, and simply let the feeling sink in. You will immediately find that a sense of relaxation starts prevailing in your mind, and in no time the feelings of anxiousness will go away.

All in all, there is no sure shot way to get rid of anxiety altogether – the trick lies in managing it effectively whenever you get an anxiety attack, until the fine day comes along where you no longer feel any anxiety at all. It does however definitely require you to bring about an improvement in your perception of different situations around you, and to put in certain amounts of commitment to managing your anxiety on a day-to-day basis.

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