5 Benefits of Foam Ablation for Varicose Veins

When it comes to varicose vein treatment options, there are more than a few to choose from. Some are considered non-invasive, while others require surgery and other treatments. A new option that has become more popular in recent years is varicose vein foam treatment. Also called foam ablation, this treatment option helps to address larger varicose veins.

Foam ablation is a non-invasive treatment, utilizing sclerotherapy. The actual procedure involves the injection of a foam sclerosing agent into the troubled vein. This causes it to seal completely shut and eventually disappear. While traditional sclerotherapy is still popular and effective for treating cases of varicose veins, there are certain benefits of the new, foam treatment option.

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Here you can learn about some of the most appealing benefits offered by foam ablation for varicose veins.

  1. Tracking Possible with Ultrasound Imaging

When the foam agent is injected into your varicose veins, the health practitioner injecting it can track its progress with ultrasound imaging. This allows for doctors to easily treat veins that are located deeper in your leg. Also, when the foam is more potent, it will be effective on larger veins. The traditional type of sclerotherapy is only able to be used on the smaller, superficial spider veins and varicose veins. Also, because the foam can treat more of the affected vein, fewer treatment sessions than what is needed with traditional sclerotherapy are needed. This is beneficial to the patient because they can reduce the overall cost of the treatment.

  1. It’s an Outpatient Procedure

When you choose foam ablation as the treatment for varicose veins, it will be done by your doctor as an outpatient procedure. In most cases, for the majority of procedures will be able to be completed in under an hour. In fact, patients are usually encouraged to return to their normal, day to day activities directly after their procedure is complete. There are some people who will need to wear light compression stockings for a few days. This will help to promote the healing of the veins and restore healthy blood flow in the legs.

  1. Able to Treat Large Varicose Veins

Unlike traditional sclerotherapy, foam ablation is an extremely effective method of treating the varicose veins that a person has that are larger. One of the most appealing factors that this treatment method offers, is that the treatment does not cause any downtime, unlike other forms of varicose vein treatment, and it has minimal discomfort.

  1. More Affordable

Because foam ablation is considered an outpatient, non-invasive procedure, it is typically much more affordable than other forms of treatment. Of course, the resulting costs are going to be dependent on how many veins need to be treated and a few other factors, generally the costs of foam ablation are much lower than other treatment methods.

  1. It Won’t Impair Circulation of bloods in the Legs

When foam ablation is selected, over other types of treatments, it will provide a number of benefits. However, since the veins are closed, there are some who believe that the circulation in their legs is going to be affected. This is not the case. In fact, the treatment closes the diseased veins, and as a result, helps to improve the circulation of blood in the legs. This is beneficial, as it will reduce the pain, discomfort, swelling and other symptoms that varicose veins may cause.

As anyone can see, thanks to the list here, foam ablation for the treatment of varicose veins is a treatment option that just makes sense. If a person is unsure of what is right for them, they should consult with their doctor. They can suggest an effective treatment option that will provide the desired results according to a person’s condition and other important factors. Being informed is the best way to determine which varicose vein treatment is right for a person.

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