5 Advantages of Using Foot Cream

5 Advantages of Using Foot Cream

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5 Advantages of Using Foot Cream

Just like any other part of our body, our feet are essential and should be given enough attention. In addition to carrying our entire weight every day, they are also exposed to germs and dust. When wearing shoes, our feet are deprived of air, moisture, and sunlight, making them prone to diseases and any possible infections.

If you want to have soft, smooth and healthy feet, allocate 10-20 minutes a day to pamper your feet. You can have a foot salt bath or relaxing massage with oil and foot cream. Moisturizing your feet daily can keep them from drying, getting cracks, calluses, corns, and rashes., 5 Advantages of Using Foot Cream

Advantages of Using Foot Cream

You need to take good care of your feet if you want them to look great and healthy. An effective foot cream can help in preventing issues that come with health problems and age. Check out the advantages of using foot cream.

1. Moisturizes Your Feet

Foot creams can soothe your dry feet and get rid of any discomfort or pain due to dryness. Dry skin is often the main cause of other skin problems and infections. Once your heels and toes become dry, your skin may crack and result in small cuts. This allows fungi or bacteria to penetrate the skin and develop infections.  Fortunately, many effective foot creams can hydrate your feet immediately.

You can combat dryness by applying foot creams that contain moisturizing ingredients, such as aloe vera, shea butter, glycerin, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and sodium hyaluronate. These creams are often thick and trap moisture to hydrate the skin.

2. Repairs and Softens Hardened Skin

Most people develop calluses and corns, which are hardened parts of skin caused by pressure and friction. It is recommended to apply moisturizer regularly to treat hard skin without increasing the risk of possible wounds and infections. A good foot cream will soften corns and calluses so you can wear open shoes comfortably.

It is recommended to continue the application of foot cream to prevent the reoccurrence of hardened skin. Make it a habit of using moisturizer before going to bed to keep your feet smooth and soft.

3. Prevents Foot Infections

Not pampering your feet may increase your risk of various foot problems. You may experience heel pain, and there will be times that you will limit your walking or standing out of fright. This reluctance can affect your way of life and productivity at work. Heel pain is not the only problem that may occur. In addition to dry skin, cracked heels, corns, and calluses, your feet become vulnerable to bacterial and fungal infections.

It was mentioned that dry skin results in cracked heels and small cuts, which allow microorganisms to penetrate the skin. Common infections include toenail fungus, athlete’s foot, cellulitis, foot abscess, and erythrasma. Because applying foot cream makes the skin supple and healthy, it prevents dry skin and cracked heels. This greatly reduces the risk of bacterial and fungal infections.

Effective foot creams usually come with antifungal, antiviral, antiseptic and antibacterial ingredients. With these properties, you can maintain the smoothness and softness of your feet.

4. Helps You Relax

One of the advantages of using foot cream is that it gives you an opportunity to have a relaxing foot massage after a long, tiring day. Massaging your feet for 10 minutes before bedtime enhances blood flow in your lower extremities and promotes restful sleep. Getting enough amount of sleep is important as your body needs to be fully recharged for another busy day ahead.

It has also been proven that foot massage can combat anxiety and depression. It eases the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and menopause and also helps in lowering blood pressure.

5. Gives a Glowing Skin

Applying foot creams won’t make you feel greasy as these creams are made of natural ingredients that can be easily absorbed by the skin. Many foot creams come with certain ingredients that can remove dull and dead skin cells. They also contain combinations of vitamins and minerals that speed up collagen production.

Moisturizing your feet daily can also combat or slow down the effects of aging, allowing you to keep your feet healthy without itching, swelling, cracks, calluses and other foot problems.

Best Way to Use Foot Cream

Follow these simple steps to get the most out of your foot cream.

  1. Soak your feet. Fill a foot basin with warm water and add enough amount of Epsom salt. You can also add a few drops of tea tree or lavender essential oil. Soak your feet for 10 to 15 minutes. This will make your skin soft, making it easy to remove skin impurities.
  2. Scrub your feet. After soaking your feet, use a homemade body scrub, sugar scrub or wash loth to get rid of dead skin cells. You can also use a pumice stone on thick parts. Rinse your feet and pat dry.
  3. Apply foot cream. Apply your favorite foot cream and give your feet at least 10 minutes of massage.

It is recommended to apply foot cream while your feet are still slightly wet. This is the time your skin absorbs more minerals and nutrients found in most moisturizers.


Applying foot creams is one of the best things that you can do to make your feet happy. A good product can make your feel soft, smooth and healthy. When searching for the right item, make sure that it contains ingredients that can address the needs of your feet. Consider your skin type, allergies or health conditions to know which special ingredients to look for. Cracked feet, calluses, and corns can be treated with moisturizing foot creams. Even if you do not have any foot problem, it is best to apply moisturizer to your heels, toes, and soles.

When you give enough care and attention to your feet, they will also return the favor. You can avoid embarrassing foot problems and infections by feeding your skin with vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients.


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