4 Key Signs You May Suffer from an Anxiety Disorder

4 Key Signs You May Suffer from an Anxiety Disorder

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4 Key Signs You May Suffer from an Anxiety Disorder

It is normal for everyone to become somewhat anxious or nervous from time to time. For example, when they are speaking in public, going through some type of financial difficulty or on a first date. However, for some individuals, their anxiety gets so bad and so frequent that they find it takes over their lives., 4 Key Signs You May Suffer from an Anxiety Disorder

The question is, how do you know if anxiety has crossed some imaginary line and now you are suffering from some type of serious disorder? And, if you are suffering from an anxiety disorder, is it time to consider some type of prescription medication such as Xanax?

Here you can learn some of the most common signs of an anxiety disorder and when you should take action.

  1. Excessive Worrying

The most common sign of a person suffering from a generalized anxiety disorder, or GAD, which is the broadest type of anxiety you can suffer from, is if they worry too much about mundane, everyday things. In this situation, you have to consider, how much is too much?

In situations that involve GAD, it means that you have persistent and anxious thoughts throughout the day – everyday, for a period that lasts more than six months. Additionally, the anxiety needs to be so severe that it has begun to interfere with your day to day life and be accompanied with other symptoms, for example, fatigue.

  1. Sleep Issues

If you have trouble staying asleep or falling asleep, it may be associated with a number of different health conditions that could be either psychological or physical. Also, it isn’t too unusual for you to have issues sleeping the night right before a job interview or a big speech. However, if you have found that you are lying awake and are agitated and worried night after night, about a specific issue, then it could be an indication that you are suffering from some type of anxiety disorder. About half of all the people who suffer from GAD have some level of sleep problem.

  1. Irrational Fears

There are some cases of anxiety that are not generalized. In fact, they are instead attached to a very specific thing or situation, such as crowds, flying or even animals. If you have noticed that your fear of a certain thing has reached a point where it is overwhelming or disruptive, and that it is not in proportion with the actual risk that is involved, then this is a sure sign of some type of phobia, which is also an anxiety disorder.

While there are some phobias that are completely crippling, they are not going to be something that is obvious all of the time. In fact, there are situations where this phobia is not even realized until confronted with the object or thing.

  1. Constant Muscle Tension

If you are experiencing almost constant tension in your muscles, regardless of if it involves flexing the muscles in your body all the time, balling your fists or even clenching your jaw, these are all signs of an anxiety disorder. In fact, this symptom is often so pervasive and persistent that those who have suffered from it for a while don’t even notice it anymore.

In some cases, exercising on a regular basis will help to keep your muscle tension under control. However, the tension may begin to flare up if there is some type of event that impacts your workout habits.

Unfortunately, anxiety is a condition that thousands of people suffer from. If you believe that you may have this type of issue, then it is a good idea to seek medical help. Your doctor will be able to evaluate your condition and determine what the best course of treatment is going to be. When this is done, you will be able to find relief from your condition. You can also have your prescription easily filled by visiting Pharmacy Online 365.


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