25 Things to Do Before Your Baby Arrives

By the time you’ve made it to pregnancy week 12, you’ll be at the end of your first trimester. Whether you’re at this stage or a bit later along, there are lots of important things to do before your baby arrives. Here are 25 suggestions designed to help save stress and prepare for the big day.

  1. Decorate baby’s nursery. This is a lot of fun – but it can be tiring! Enlist friends and family to help, if you like.
  2. Pre-wash baby items and put them away. Do this as soon as you can, after your baby shower is over. Be sure to get thank-you notes out of the way while you’re going through all those adorable gifts!
  3. Take time to escape. Schedule some “me” time, and enjoy at least a few dates with your partner.
  4. Create a birth plan. Just a page or two should do!
  5. Decide how you’ll feed your baby if you haven’t already.
  6. Help train your replacement at work, if necessary. Your boss will appreciate the help – even if you’ll be gone for just 12 weeks.
  7. Build a reading list or get your Netflix queue in order.
  8. Stock up on diapering essentials.
  9. First-time parents? Take a newborn care class with your partner.
  10. Choose birth announcements.
  11. Prepare any older children for their new roles as siblings. Make it fun!
  12. Take long, relaxing showers.
  13. Consider childproofing your home with outlet covers, cupboard latches, and other safety items.
  14. Go to a movie with your best friend.
  15. Get a pedicure and treat yourself to an easy-care hairstyle.
  16. Make sure any older kids and/or pets will be taken care of while you’re at the hospital.
  17. Plan for some help at home. Your mother or mother-in-law will probably be thrilled to lend a hand for a few days.
  18. Make sure your home is fully stocked with everything you need, so you don’t have to worry about shopping for a while.
  19. Register with the hospital ahead of time. This will save you tons of effort once the big day arrives.
  20. Get ready for your water to break. It can happen anywhere, anytime, so waterproof your mattress and consider putting waterproof covers on your sofa and car seats, too.
  21. Prep your car for baby’s arrival. You’ll want to install your baby seat and practice making adjustments, plus you’ll want to stock up on a few essentials for those times when your diaper bag might run out of items you need.
  22. Planning for professional baby photos? It’s a good idea to choose your photographer well in advance and schedule a tentative appointment as well as a couple of rain dates.
  23. Narrow down your baby name choices if you haven’t already. Be sure to pick names for both genders on the (narrow) chance that your gender prediction was incorrect.
  24. Pack your hospital bag! Include essentials for you and a going-home outfit for your little one.
  25. Prep some freezer meals a few weeks before your due date. Make about a week’s worth, so you’ll have plenty of favorites on hand even when you don’t feel like cooking.


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