10 Ways to Encourage Creativity in Your Kids

10 Ways to Encourage Creativity in Your Kids

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10 Ways to Encourage Creativity in Your Kids

Artistic prodigies may be naturally gifted from birth, but for the majority of creatives out there, it is one grueling journey paved with practice, practice, practice. Sadly, while so many individuals start their lives with an explosive imagination, adults tend to lose this joy as they prioritize so many other of life’s responsibilities. Don’t let this happen to your kids. Push their ideas out of the box with the following 10 suggestions:, 10 Ways to Encourage Creativity in Your Kids

  1. Avoid Mass Produced Toys

Dolls and action figures can be a lot of fun, but as there are already personality traits attached to these characters, the available boundaries of creative exploration are much tighter. To truly push the limits of originality, try purchase building blocks or paints instead to allow your children’s mind to wander wherever it wants.
2. Read Together
Exploring popular books before bed is not only a useful tool to help your children fall asleep easier, but it’s also a proven method of inspiring their own storytelling. Don’t just leave it with what’s on paper, and always go deeper by discussing the plot and the characters, while brainstorming your own fictional worlds, asking your kids how they would have ended these tales differently.

3. Put Together a Family Scrapbook
Whenever a memorable event passes (like a trip, a sports match, or an interesting day at school), suggest that your children write a journal about it. These texts could be collected in a book, then decorated with glitter and colored pens, or even published online which will sharpen their computer skills. Add some photography, and you’ve got a memento which they will adore looking back on when they get older.

4. Make a Movie
For those more theatrical orientated families, get everyone involved by collaborating on a short script, giving your kids free reign to guide the plot in any which way they see fit. Together, you can develop characters and assign acting parts, while designing costumes and finding locations based on what you have available at home. Take turns filming, encourage them to direct you, and once you’ve finished, collectively edit it. Then grab some popcorn and proudly watch what you’ve all achieved together.

5. Be Selective with Apps

Modern technology is often unfairly scorned as the downfall of a child’s imagination, but this is not necessarily the case. By downloading apps which focus on digital painting, writing, music, or photo manipulation, you will give them a whole new platform to express themselves without forcing them to get off of their precious devices.

6. Show Their Work Off

Be proud of their creations and display them around the house like your kid’s own personal art gallery. Show your friends and speak highly of the work while your children are in earshot, as nothing will encourage them more than this feeling of validation. If there is a piece you are particularly fond of, why not look out for available competitions or exhibitions, and sign up for one? You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.
7. Participate in Creative Workouts
Combining physical activity with artistic energy is an ingenious scheme to promote health and imagination. Investigate this creative exercise concept by squeezing shapes into scented therapy putty, role-playing outdoor superhero games, or challenging them to dance like the professionals on television.
8. Lead by Example
The most effortless method of firing up your young one’s curiosity in the creative arts is to be creative yourself. Keep your hands busy with assorted projects all of the time, and pretty soon, they will pick up the necessary techniques just by watching you, while yearning to give it a try.
9. Nurture Their Interests
Exploring multiple arts and craft avenues is the only way to truly discover which area strikes up your child’s primary fancy, but once you have the obvious winner, it may be time to pursue this specific medium more intensely than the others. Look out for after-school classes in the neighborhood to train their passion, and keep an ample supply of materials in your house at all times, allowing their minds to engage whenever inspiration strikes.
10. Remember That Art is Subjective
There is no such thing as bad art, which many of the most influential yet misunderstood painters in history have proven. Any negativity or comparisons to other siblings will discourage experimentation, and pushing for perfection will only dry up all of the fun. Rather, compliment the aspects you like, and make suggestions which lead to their own ideas, for example, “I wonder what other colors would work here, how would you approach that?” And finally, resist the urge to ruin your child’s art by sticking your adult fingers into their masterpieces. This is their expression, not yours!


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