10 Tips for a Healthier, More Productive Shower

10 Tips for a Healthier, More Productive Shower

We know by now that we need to eat the right foods, need to work out, and do stuff that is healthy for us. Because maintaining good health does not happen by accident, it requires work and smart lifestyle choices. But sometimes when we wake up at 6 am to hit the gym before work or shunning the donuts in breakfast, it’s easy to lose sight of for what are we doing all these. So here are some top articles choices that can keep you motivated to lead a healthy lifestyle and keep diseases at bay.

10 Tips for a Healthier, More Productive Shower

Most people consider a shower to be yet another morning duty, part of the process in which to start the day correctly. Others view showers as a more luxurious event, perhaps an evening indulgence after the rush of daily responsibilities. But what everyone tends to forget, is that showers can be needlessly time-consuming, unhealthy for your skin, and even a potentially dangerous accident waiting to happen. Rather than let that thought scare you, dive into this guide on how to enjoy your showers with more efficiency and much less risk:, 10 Tips for a Healthier, More Productive Shower

  1. Keep Your Shower Clean At All Times
    It may seem like a tiresome chore, but a moldy shower can exacerbate allergies and lead to illnesses, not to mention that your friends won’t want to stay at your house anymore. Blast all surfaces with every cleaning product you have, and replace anything you can which has discolored or started smell, which includes the bacteria breeding ground that is your long-term trusted loofah.
  2. Change Your Shower Curtain
    Related to the above point is the shower curtain. This item is often the most guilty of all fungus criminals, trapping in the damp mildew and providing it with a large surface area to spread over. Thankfully, with so many fancy coverings on the market, purchasing a replacement should ultimately be an exciting endeavor. Why not look out for one with waterproof pockets, allowing you to remove all that dangerous shower clutter? Or try an antimicrobial curtain, which has been treated with the mildew-resistant chemical Vinyzene? Or even just pick one with your favorite cartoon character printed on the front, whatever you like, as long as you keep it clean!
  3. Don’t Excessively Wash Yourself
    Overwashing yourself can rob your skin and hair of their natural oils, with some reports suggesting that showering every other day is better, as this will help cultivate the body’s healthy bacteria. Furthermore, only exfoliate once or twice a week, otherwise your skin could become highly irritated and dried out.
  4. Use a Floor Foot Scrubber
    Reinvigorate your feet with a scrubber which meets your toes on the ground, where they should be, minimizing the risk of accidents whilst relieving cracks and dry skin. Not to mention, they are also very enjoyable to use.
  5. Shave in the Shower
    Shaving the hair off of your body during shower time will also shave the minutes off of your morning dash. Install a footrest to easily access your legs, or utilize a shower stool for the same effect. Furthermore, this seat will come in handy for your elders, incidents of injury, or even if you’re just feeling lazy. To shave the face, purchase a fogless mirror to get a better look at your beautiful morning mug.
  6. Brush Your Teeth in the Shower
    Grant your teeth the full two-minute scrub they deserve by not having to rush the process as some morning afterthought. By taking this action as part of your shower period, you will save precious preparation time, especially because you can spit out the toothpaste in almost any direction you like.
  7. Other Quick Productivity Ideas for the Shower
    The different techniques used to improve your shower experience are as endless as your imagination. Clip your toenails while they’re soft in the water. Purchase a waterproof notepad to write down your genius shower thoughts. Invest in magnetic product holders or liquid dispensers to minimize hazardous obstructions. Hang up your wrinkled clothing in the bathroom during showers for that stream treatment, no iron necessary. Some people even drink their coffee in the shower to save time, if you’re crazy enough for it.
  8. A Waterproof Shower Clock
    Nothing will encourage a streamlined shower process more than a timer reminding you of how late for work you are. What’s more, this tiny addition to your surroundings will keep you conscious of saving water, and therefore, you will become a better person in general.
  9. A Bathroom Mat
    Introducing moisture to slippery tiles is a recipe for disaster, which is why finding a floor mat which best represents your personality is a must for your survival. If your house is frequented by the elderly, then cover even more safety bases by installing a shower grab bar too.
  10. After Shower Care
    Now that you’re securely out the shower in record time, remember to always pat (not rub) yourself dry with a clean towel to help your skin retain some of its moisture. You should also get into the habit of moisturizing immediately afterward any water activities, as the product is able to use the skin’s dampness to hydrate your pores even better.


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